Thursday, November 13, 2008

Golden State V Detroit Preview


Isn't it ironic that the Pistons make a ironic trade and yet still lose two straight. Yes Iverson got his forst win against a team the Warriors couldn't but it's becoming obvious how much the Pistons have declined. Yes on paper they look a better team but unlike Tuesday the TNT apperance plus the energy the crowd should bring will be a lot different. It's also worth remembering that like last year the Warriors are playing down to their competition so who knows? .With the arrival of Randolph and the playing time of Belinelli slowly increasing, the bench will be the key to victory here. Azu has solidified himself as one of the most productive bench players in the NBA. Not to mention Corey coming back and Ronny.

It all depends on how Jackson guards Iverson as I can't imagine Watson taking him. My heart says a Warrior win but my head says a Pistons one really

Kwame Brown is the Warriors killer
Ronny Turiaf does his best impersonation of Motown singers
Biedrins with another double double
Pistons by 11

We Talkin about practice?

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