Sunday, November 9, 2008

NFL Week 10 picks

Week 9 was the most entertaining week for some time. Who would thought the browns would look rather decent against the Jaguars but then when it comes to the Thursday Night Football matchup against the Broncos they choked big time. With the last of the bye weeks out of the way Thursday Night Football will become a regular feature on here (apologies for not covering the last one). Anyway lets get to the games

NFL Perdictions Week 10

New Orleans (4-4) @ Atlanta (5-3)Hands up who said the Falcons would be garbage this year. They've certainly surprised a lot of people thanks to the strong Running Back partnership of Turner and Norwood but how will they cope with the League's top offense. Mind you Atlanta is 7th in total offense but if New Orleans want to remain half a game behind the Falcons Brees has to make quick throws not allowing John Abraham to get to him

Tenessee (8-0) @ Chicago ( 5-3) An even bigger surprise is the Titans being 8-0. I'm noit sure if the're doing enough to make the 1972 Dolphins nervous but they have a bit of fortuune this week with Kyle orton being out forcing Rex Grossman to deal with the Titans pass rush. The Titans should shut down Matt Forte and with Grossman throwing that can only mean a good thing. Titans a step closer to the AFC South.

Jacksonville( 3-5) @ Detroit (0-8) Possibly a shock as the Jaguars did fall to the winless Bengals the previous week but even with the Jaguars suffering a ton of injuries and their O-line is playing weel below their standard don't expect anything less then a Jacksonville win here. Heck with the way the AFC south is going they have to win this one

Baltimore ( 5-3) @ Houston (3-5)Going by form the Ravens should pick up another win to put pressure on the Steelers for the AFC north crown. With this game being moved from Week 2 because of Hurricane Ike striking Houston the key to this game will be the Ravens corners shutting down Andre Johnson but I can't see the Texans offense doing much else.

Seattle (2-6) @ Miami (4-4) Uggh how ugly has Holmgren's finally days in Seattle been. Bolstered by a Division rout against the 49ers and with Matt Hasselbeck returning their is a slim chance the Seahwaks can end the 0-8 record for West coast teams heading East. The Miami Defense will be tough to crack though and with Seattle's D ranked 27th in the League expect Pennington and Brown to take full advantage

Green Bay (4-4) @ Minnesota (4-4) The key NFC North matchup especially with the near idenitical records posed by each team except for Detroit. The Packers were exceptionally unlucky not to get a W from the Titans game and I actually belieive they are better then their record suggests. Keep Adrian Peterson in check and making Ferotte throw some risky balls and the Packers should get back on track.

Buffalo (5-3) @ New England (5-3) If you had told any Patriots fan that without Brady they would be 5-3 they would have snapped your hand off. Just goes to show how good a coach Bellicheck is. Minus the Video Camera of course. Now he takes on a Bills side that lost narrowly to the Jets but still remain optomistic that Lee Evans will cause damage to the Pats secondary. On the other hand though the Pats could remain disheartened at the excution against the Colts it was still a close game. With both teams needing a win for AFC East supremacy I'll take the team that has proven to be clutch despite the slipups

St Louis ( 2-6) @ NY Jets (5-3) The ever inconsistent Jets against a team riding high from two wins in a row but maybe coming back down to earth?. I'm still picking the Jets. The Rams seem to reliant on Haslett picking up on the areas where Linehan let them down and Favre should pick apart a young Rams secondary. The Jets with the competetive AFC East have to keep winning esepcially games like these

Indianapolis (4-4) @ Pittsburgh (6-2) Last Monday the Steelers Defense overwhelmed the Redskins and unless Peyton Manning can consistently read the blitz, hit his hot routes and make the Steelers chase the game Pisstburgh pick up where they left off.

Kansas (1-7) @ San diego (3-5) Never mind their horrible Pass defense or the Norv Turner way of losing games he shouldn't have the Chargers remain only two games out of first place such is the mediocre AFC West. They literally have to win if they want that division crown back. Kansas were unfortunate not to beat Tampa last week and they are slightly better then 1-7 but the desperation act gets san Diego the win here.

NY Giants ( 7-1) @ Philadelphia (5-3) The Redskins were terrible on monday and the Cowboys were atrocious on Sunday. Meaning?. I'll make the bold perdiction of saying these two teams contest the NFC East. The Giants will obviously be there but this is a statment game for Westbrook and Mcnabb and I think they take it.

Bay Area Football

Carolina ( 6-2) @ Oakland (2-6) No commitment to excellence found in Oakland these days. Sad to see how much the Raiders have declined from the Rich Gannon days but either way Carolina comes to Cal and gets a comfortable win.

San Francisco (2-6) @ Arizona (5-3) A rare MNF appearance for the Niners with Singletary as the new coach but does anybody really think they'll be different results. We all know after mooning the team and his outspoken press conference where he rightly called out Vertnon Davis he's trying to be a hardass but I don't think there's enough talent to beat the high rising Cardinals here.

Last Week 10-5

Total Accumulated Score 77-54

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