Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Golden State V Minnesota Preview


Warriors (W-L): 2-5
Twolves (W-L): 1-5

How do I wipe away the pain of last nights 49ers loss?. Simple watch a game between the worst two teams in the Western Conference. Granted obviously the signs are there for improvement but with Harrington disgruntled and Magette sitting on the sideline it means the kids will play and that could mean an ugly game. Randolph might make a nice play and Wright could block a few shots here and there but please don't confuse this with the showtime Laker. The kids might miss a Defensive assignment or turn the ball over and while this is the best way to learn it's not the best Basketball to watch. Unless Gerald wallace or David Lee come here after soon to be gone Mullin swings a trade it's going to be a long season


Turiaf is a better dancer then Mark Madsen as he proves it during the Halftime show

Biedrins and Jefferson put up empty stats

During pregame Martz gives Nelson a lesson as to how to lose the game that you had in your hands

Minnesota by 5

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