Sunday, November 16, 2008

NFL Week 11 Picks

Must I mention Monday Night Football and the agonising end to the 49ers-Cardinals game. I think I don't have to so I'll focus my attention on the Titans unbelievable 9-0 start and their ability to improvise when the going gets tough. The Bears D managed to contain LenDale White and chris Johnson so the Titans had to revert back to their passing game and even though Kerry Collins is still mediocre he managed to get the job done. Thats the sign of a Superbowl team in my eyes

NFL Perdictions Week 11

Denver (5-4) @ Atlanta (6-3) Dan Reeves coached both teams so is it too late for Reeves to appear in the CBS booth?. The decider for me in this game lies in the fact that Ryan has more offensive weapons like Turner and Norwood to hand off to as well as boosting a 5-0 starter record at home. Depending on how much pressure John Abraham can put on Cutler whilst avoiding Rookie of the year in my eyes Ryan Clady the Falcons should take this.

Detroit (0-9) @ Carolina (7-2) The Panthers looked pretty human against the Raiders with Delhomme throwing 4 picks but they were playing the Raiders... Against the woeful Lions they could do the same but still ground out a victory. Look for Stewart and de Angelo Williams to have a big day.

Philadelphia (5-4) @ Cincinatti (1-8) Two gut wrenching losses to two NFC East teams Dallas in Week 2 and the Giants last week means making the playoffs for the Eagles will be a lot tougher. It's a game the Eagles should win and can't afford to lose while for the Bengals it's a case of finding out if Cedric Benson can be their next Rudi Johnson.

Chicago (5-4) @ Green Bay (4-5) The oldest rivalry in Football takes centre stage. Rex Grossman almost handed the Titans a defeat last week (ditto with the Packers though) and in ways the Packers were more impressive then the Bears in defeat. Having said that I'm tipping the Bears. Their Running game could wear down the Packers Run D which hasn't impressed this year.

Houston (3-6) @ Indianapolis (5-4) Will the Colts remove all doubts surronding that twam and finally get back in track after a surprising win in Pittsburgh last week. They won't catch up with the Titans but they should challenge for the Wildcard's. Houston provided a lesson in throwing the game away last week but thats irrelevant and the Colts ease to a victory here.

Tennessee (9-0) @ Jacksonville )4-5). I'm sure Jeff Fisher doesn't want to talk about it but the Titans going undefeated certauinly has to be. Jacksonville wiped away memories of the Bengals game with a win against the Lions but the Titans will effectively have won the AFC south if they put this game in the bag. They had to revert to a lot of passing in last weeks game because the Bears stuffed their run don't expect the same here.

New Orleans (4-5) @ Kansas (1-8) Herm Edwards had a lot of critiscm last week over the decision to go for two which cost them the game against San Diego. Yet with their Defensive suffering an astronomical injury list it was the right decision and in Thigpen he looks a competitor. Give them a season and they could trun it around although with their pass rush allowing QB's to complete 65% of their passes Brees should have a dwin. They may have dissapointed on a lot of ways this year but theyy'll ghet back into the NFC South race.

Baltimore (6-3) @ NY Giants (8-1) A rematch of Superbowl 35 but this time in the Giants favour. Both teams have good defenses but unlike the Superbowl the Giants will be better equiped to deal with it.

Minnesota (5-4) @ Tampa (6-3) Brad Childress is getting some of the luck he didn't get when TJ was under centre. Ferotte isn't playing exceptionally well but A.P is and regardless of Ferotte the recipe is simple. Give it to Peterson. I'll go with the Vikings but it could come down to which defensive line wins it's match-up most often at the line of srimmage.

Arizona (6-3) @ Seattle (2-7) The Cardinals have wrapped up the NFC West with a 4 game lead and a first round bye is surely what Wisenhunt wants now. To do that a win in Seattle would be nice to prove the doubters wrong. Never mind scraping by the 49ers the Cardinals have to come out and prove that despite being in the weakest division in Football they can take the NFC West by their throat. A win tonight does exactly that.

San Diego (4-5) @ Pittsburgh (6-3) Even with winning on the road the Steelers let all their momentum slip in a loss to the Colts. The O-line isn't great and Ben Roethlisberger may not be good to go but the Chargers pass rush is looking thoroughly impotent and the Steelers will exploit that here.

Dallas (5-4) @ Washington (6-3) Another crucial NFC East clash. This game could see the loser go into free fall and the winner push the Giants until the end of the season. lose it and things could fold and collapse rather spectacularly for the pre-season NFC favourite. The return of Tony Romo, injuries to Ladell Betts & Clinton Portis, the sheer magnitude of this game for the Cowboys, they'll win because they have to.

Cleveland (3-6) @ Buffalo (5-4) The Bills are in full desperation mode with three straight divisional defeats has plummetted them to the bottom. They have to beat Brady Quinn and the Browns an absolute must, time to get things turned around and fast, the longer the slide, the harder it is to get off of, Bills need to turn upwards and fast.

Bay Area Football

Oakland (2-7) @ Miami (5-4) Two teams that were aful in 2007 meet in 2008. The Dolphins can keep momentum going as they chase an unexpected post season berth in the tough AFC East.

St Louis (2-7) @ San Francisco (2-7. The futile bowl and expect the honeymoon to end for Jim Haslett. Despite losing the game in the manner they did on Monday should Singletary win here and get his first win he'll probably get an extension. The 49ers should have won on Monday but didn't but will get a better chance here.

Last Week 9-5

Total Acummulated Score 86-59

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