Saturday, November 15, 2008

Golden State V LA Clippers Preview


When Baron Davis left for the LA Clippers in the offseason it signalled the end of an era. The end of remembering that ludiciorus Speedy Claxton trade that got him sent here, the end of remembering that memorable 2006-2007 season where we had that 16-5 April run with the toughest remaining schedule in the NBA. The end of remembering that Playoff series with the Mavericks. Yes the guy had a lot of downsides to him but looking at CJ watson starting makes you wish for the Baron days.

Mind you Baron hasn't transformed the Clippers just yet. They stand at 1-7 and with the talent they have you'd think they might be just a little better, But then when Mike Dunleavy senior is cosching thats when you know you're screwed. Unfortunately for everyone this has been a lose lose situation. Mind you of course Baron wants to prove the team wrong for not getting the contract he wanted whilst I'm sure Magette will try to shake away his injury prone status he earned in Clipper land and try and have a big game. In the end no matter the outcome, it's not going to prove anything other than the highlight reels and that distant phrase we used to say ... "we believe".

Those were the days!

Baron gets 25 and 10 but chucks up a lot
Maggette and Jackson have a big game. 20 plus points each
Warriors by 7

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