Thursday, November 20, 2008

NFL Week 12 Picks

We're now at the business end of the season. The time of the year where the have nots get seperated from the rest. As we saw when the steelers played the Chargers San Diego have a way to go before they can win in that type of environment. We all know their talent as a team so what gives?.

49ers back in business although that 2nd half performance was bleugh

Oakland were a 4th down away in Miami from winning. Just what do they have to do to close out games?

NFL Week 12 perdictions

Cincinnati ( 1-8-1) @ Pittsburgh (8-3) Thrusday Night Football is one of the new more recent ideas to to with the NFL that I dislike even though to their credit there have been a few decent games. The buck stops here though as both teams are coming off dismal performances. The Bengals should have beaten the Eagles in OT whilst the Steelers ground out a win against San Diego in horrible conditions. With only three days to prepare and rest seriously what are the NFL thinking. But I digress. Pittsburgh will get the win here.

Houston (3-7) @ Cleveland (4-6) Brady Quinn has gotten the Browns in the right direction and you can sense that after the MNF thriller emotion is coming back into this team. I doubt they make the playoffs but they'll get their season back on track with a Houston team that are terrible on the road although the Browns are 1-4 at home.

Tampa (7-3) @ Detroit (0-10) With the tough schedule remaining for the Lions is 0-16 creeping into everyones minds there I wonder?. Tampa may have had a lot of redzone problems but they overcame the Vikings last week and are my favourites to take the NFC South. With the Panthers and Falcons playing each other this week this will be the opportunity for Tampa to edge their way further in this division.

Minnesota ( 5-5) @ Jacksonville (4-6) A missed opportunity last week for the Jags as a halftime lead was aquandered against the Titans. Now their postseason hopes are basically dead so Jack Del Rio now faces an offseason with his job on the line should he not get a winning record over the next 6 games. Jacksonville can't win at home while Minnesota can't win on the road. I'm going with Jacksonville.

Buffalo (5-5) @ Kansas (1-9) I'm a little surprised but after watching the MNF Bills-Browns clash the Bills look done especially in the now tough AFC East. Kansas on the other hand are bringing entertainment value each week and the fans deserve a lot more then having to sit through the terrible endings such as the San Diego and Tampa games. Whilst the NFL has never been a place for always getting what you deserve, the Chiefs finally get a win to go with the entertainment this week.

New England (6-4) @ Miami (6-4) Bellicheck ignored the trendiness of NFL coaches and kicked the extra point last Thursday rather then go for 2 instead enduring a loss in OT. Miami are now on a four game winning streak a turnaround even Hary Houdini would be proud off. If Miami wins they have a huge advantage in the AFC east with an easier schedule and a tiebreaker to boost. I'm not so sure however that they can have enough in the tank however without the Wildcard now that Belicheck is ready for it.

Chicago (5-5) @ St Louis (2-8) So much for the Rams inspired response to getting rid off Linehan. Steven Jackson being out though hurts their offense and he likely looks out this week as well so the Bears should win after the dissapointment of getting crushed by the Packers and get back in the NFC North race.

NY Jets (7-3) @ Tenessee (10-0) The perfect streak ends here which means the Dolphins 1972 team can once again get out their Champagne. In a way at this stage of the season maybe it's better that the distraction of perfection goes away. The Jets have found thir winning ways though so this is a gut pick. Having said that wouldn't it be funny to witness the perfect Titans lose their record to the completely opposite Lions a week later.

Philadelphia (5-4-1) @ Baltimore (6-4) The most hilarious quote of the week was McNabbs' claim that he didn't know there was a tie in the NFL. The Eagles won't have to worry about a OT game here the Ravens disasterous Defensive performance was a one off and they will take out their fustrations on Manning and company.

Carolina (8-2) @ Atlanta (6-4) Atlanta's bubble has burst and with the Panthers better balance and expereince I expect the Falcons wings to be clipped. A few more wins and some convincing performances and the Panthers will be hot on the heels of the Giants for home field advantage.

NY Giants (9-2) @ Arizona (7-3) The scene is set for the Cardinals to clinch their first NFC West title in god knows how long and well I have no doubts Warner will be itching to prove that the Giants were wrong in allowing Manning to take his starter spot. The Cards make progress towards getting potentially two home playoff games, and with the way they play at home that could take them deep into the playoffs.

Washington (6-4) @ Seattle (2-8) Two teams stuck in a funk well Seattle are stuck in a season long one. Jim Zorn returns to a team he played and coached for but this could get ugly especially with the size of the injury list both teams have. Washington barely have a backfield and aren;t very good at protecting the passer but get the job done here.

Indianapolis ( 6-4) @ San Diego (4-6) The Chargers Defense are missing Shawne Merriman a tremendous amount but with the mixed way the Colts offense are playing at the moment this could be an interesting game. Peyton Manning no doubt remembers his 6 interceptions here last year and with San Diego having a terrible pass defense he should get revenge here.

Green Bay (5-5) @ New Orleans (5-5) The Saints kept thir postseason hopes alive with a tough win in kansas but they don't look true postseason contenders and I think the Packers keep their hopes alive especially during their tight division race.

Bay Area Football

San Francisco (3-7) @ Dallas (6-4) A big win for the Cowboys last week and it was big seeing Marion Barber return to form. Now the pass has to be respected, Barber can get back to doing what he does best......running over opposing defences. Niners got their first win under Singletary but it remains back to the same for them here.

Oakland (2-8) @ Denver (6-4) The Broncos defense hasn't been anything at all this year but they did beat the Falcons and this offers them further fodder to increase their division lead. Winning the division is now very likely and no one will fancy a trip to Mile High in January. Mike Shannhan needs to keep McFadden and Fargas off the field though.

Last Weeks Perdictions 10-4

Total accumulated score 96-63

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