Friday, November 21, 2008

Golden State V Chicago preview


Warriors (W-L): 5-6
Bulls (W-L): 5-7

The Harrington for Crawford swap has dominated the news in Warrior land at the moment (I'll post more thoughts on this later) but I'm not sure how this benefits both teans.

The Bullswere asbolutely destroyed by Portland 116-74 although ithelped that they started Aaron Gay and Larry Hughes so could be an easy win. I doubt it since NBA teams rarely play poorly back to back nights. We'll see what kind of team the Bulls are tomorrow. Will they come out angry and aggressive or will they play like they want this road trip to be over? I'd say the Dubs come out strong and lead the entire way but it'll be close the entire way.

Anthony Morrow His third straight big game? Do I smell another 20+ points? I'm still holding back because 2 games does not make you "for real". But how fun is it to watch Morrow light it up like we haven't seen in a long time. You can bet the Bulls are not going to leave him open. There's now 2 games of him to break down so let's see how the Bulls adjust.

Derrick Rose: The #1 pick is living up to his top billing. He's scoring 18 a game on 46% shooting to go with 5.5 assists and 4 boards. I always find it fun to watch the top rookies strut their stuff.

The start of another double-double streak from everyone's favorite Latvian lefty, ^^^^.
Nellie's back to his small ball lineup now that Morrow got hot. Let's see if Maggette can take advantage on offense of facing the other team's power forward.

Joke-im Noah: because he's fun to boo. Something about that guy that's just annoying.

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