Friday, November 21, 2008

Crawford for Harrington close to happenning

Sums up how the majority of Warriors nation feels

The Morrow distraction and his superhuman abilities gave Warrior fans a pleasant distraction from Al Harrington for a few days. However tonight as ESPN have revealed it looks like Harrington will become a Knick in exhange for Jamal Crawford. Neither the Warriors or Knicks press office have confirmed any such move just yet so this Friday evening it looks as if Golden State fans will have to wait if Jamal is Warriors.

A few thoughts spring to mind

: Essentially the Warriors traded a disgruntled forward who was filled with poor play and contract issues for a Guard who though is incredibly streaky with shooting would be an instant upgrade at the Point Guard spot. Nelson once Monta comes back would immediately pair him with Ellis in a two combo guard backcourt. Crawford is a perfect Don Nelson type player in which take games over at times, and can shoot you out of a game at others

: Crawford is a terrible man to man Defender. With the Warriors leading the league in blocked shots and having a pretty decent opposing FG% allowed for those stretch of games where Randolph, Wright, Turiaf, and Biedrins were playing heavy minutes I seriously doubt they want to go back to playing matador defense.

: Talent accumulation without any long term plan for contention....won't amount to anything. Case in point....the Chicago Bulls who accumulated loads of young talent and never did anything with it. In any case, I seriously dislike the make-up of this team. I don't like how the pieces fit together. I don't like how the young guys with potential will never see enough minutes to develop. I hate our style of play and offensive philosophy. I just don't like any of it.

At the moment I dislike the fact we're playing for a Western Conference 8th seed spot and hope to have a repeat of the Dallas series. With the Lakers and the Bynum and Gasol partnership that won't happen. A step in the right direction is letting Biedrins, Wright, Randolph, etc. all get tick so when (if) Ellis comes back, we can really see what we have. The team they're potentially putting together is one being setup for a huge retooling/ dismantling once Nelson finally steps away.

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