Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 NBA All Star Weekend- All Star saturday

Continuing on from the shooting fest that was the Rookie Sophomore game the 2008 NBA All Star Weekend continues with the Saturday Lineup


Here's the schedule lineup

D- League All Star Game
Shooting Stars, Skills challenge, Three Point shootout, Slam Dunk Contest

D-League all Star game

Not a whole lot of reason to watch this game unless your a Warrior junkie like me. Two players have Warriors ties see if you can spot who.

Red Team

Lance Allred
Elton Brown
Kaniel Dickens
Nick Fazekas
Eddie Gill
Randy Livingston
Dwayne Mitchell
Kasib Powell
Billy Thomas
Cory Violette

Blue Team
Morris Almond
Sean Banks
Andre Barrett
Rod Benson
Kyrylo Fesenko
Keith Langford
Ian Mahinmi
Jelani McCoy
Carlos Powell
Jeremy Richardson

Something hits you going over the rosters. these guys sure do have some funky names.
Announcers have a blast pronouncing these names
Carlos Powell throws it down
Blue Team by 10

Shooting Stars
The what now. It's safe to say this is the time to go up and get a beer rather then watch Bill Laimbeer trying to shoot. It's boring and is a turnoff.

80& of the unfortunate watching this event fall asleep
Detroit wll win

Skills challenge
This is a little more compelling and is defintely worth using as a tool to improve your Basketball skills. Funnily enough neither of these names participated in the Dunk Contest. Interesting.
Jason Kidd
Chris Paul
Deron Willaims
Dwayne Wade

Kidd finishes last because he misses his shots
Dwayne Wade will win it for the 4th straight year

Three-Point Shootout
This years list of 3 point assasins.
Daniel Gibson
Dirk Nowitzki
Jason Kapono
Steve Nash
Richard Hamilton
Peja Stojokavic

Albert uses the phrase From Downtown all night long
Dirk after shooting 90% the whole contest then chokes in a final round loss to Nash

Slam Dunk Contest
Though not to the standard it once was this years could be compelling because it does contain a decent mix of participants. Dwight Howard immediately has to be the favourite and this will be the first year fans get to vote for the winner. Without further adoo my favourite Dunks of Slam dunk Contest history






Howard does something nobody expected him to do see the sticker dunk
Rudy Gay wins with the between legs Dunk
Moon gets last place
Kenny Smith says the Dunk Contest is back

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