Sunday, February 10, 2008

Golden State: 105 Sacramento: 102

Tonight the Warriors duly continued the tradition of bouncing back after a dissapointing defeat. Unlike previous games in this manner it wasn't the most spectacular victory but over a Kings unit playing some decent ball it was achieved.


Future of the franchise

I'm willing to bet that in just a few years Monta will be the face of this franchise. Seriously tonight he once again proved he's one of the most spectacular and efficent players in the League. He's been shooting a astounding 81% over his last 3 games and just to prove how remarkablly his offensive game has evolved his PPG total has jumped from 16.3 PPG in November to 26.7 in February. Admittely it's only 3 games but how handy is it to have a 2nd scoring option when your main one is struggling.

I'm not one to start theories for why Baron is struggling but I think the most obvious is the all Star snub. How else can you explain the recent poor shooting against the Bulls and as of last night the Sacramento Kings. It's becoming painfully obviius that once Davis and Nellie aren't on sync then this team will struggle. It's either that or Davis has done the unthinkable and injured something without wanting to tell the whole world about it. Unfortunately at the moment he has done the exact opposite since the All Star snub and has played with a lack of motivaton.

From a coaching side of the ball a large part of me is also starting to worry. Nelson knows a lot more then the average fan otherwhise he wouldn't be a coach but some of the decisions he has made could be costly if we wish to retain a consecutive playoff appearance. Last night only 7 players really contributed to the Sacramento victory Nelson once again proving his main weakness the serious refusal to use the bench. Davis, Jackson and Harrington all look like they've run their legs into the ground. His decison to keep Davis in after the 5th foul was seriously discouraging since we all know CJ Watson would have done a solid job backing him up. Where's thhe confidence Nellie!

We almost choked

Once again the Warriors proved they can play down to the level of any opponent whether it's Minnesota, Chicago or San Antonio. This is by far the most irregular team in the League and unfortunately despite the 30-20 start the volatile nature of the entire team means fans are fearing a possibly (hopefully not collapse) rather then celebrating. One thing that was admirable was the Dubs managed to overcome a slow start. Even with Baron off form he still had 3 steals combined with 7 kings turnovers gave the Warriors a decent 1st quarter lead . After the 1st quarter however fans saw a familiar sight such as Free Throws being missed, Baron struggling and Salmons trying to join the lengthy list of Warriors killers Sacramento made it a ball game.

Whats the point of talking about the 2nd and the 3rd quarters when they were both bleak spots in a increasingly worrisome month featuring the same trends such as ron Artest starting to going off and Pietrus owning the League record for stepping out of bounds. It was hard to accept the recent change. The 4th however saved the game. I counted 4 key steals and 9 offensive boards as the key factor as well as Monta and his brilliantly timed 16 points. I have yet to remember all this talk about a Franchise player but I think in one or two years the door will be open for Monta to take over. In the end the fans were treated to Kings knocking down some Free throws before Monta settled it with a clutch shot. Another ulcer induced victory all too common in Warriors land !.

Having said that the Kings are a decent team don't let the records fool you. Tonight after a for once decent 1st quarter Golden State couldn't figure how to repeat such a performance. Once the Warriors can figure out how to mantain such a good performance we can all rest a little easier

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