Friday, February 1, 2008

Golden State V Charlotte preview


Jason Richardsons return. The main reason to watch tonights game as well as seeing Earl Boykins. Ever since I started following Golden State he was one of the main reasons I supported them. Rather then put his head down when things went wrong he worked harder. Rather then take an individual only attitude he was an unselfish team player who sought to make everyone better. There were bad memories as well don't get me wrong but he was one fantastic Guard.

But times change. He's now a Bobcat and has yet to make the impact Charlotte hoped he would. They are 18-28 only 1.5 games outside of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference race. They do have some talented pieces though. Gerald wallace who the Warriors made a slight attempt at picking up in the offseason is a defensive specialist who causes tons of problems in the lane, Okafor is a double double machine but a horrible FT shooter and Felton is a talented passer but can't shoot. I think i've explained why their doing dissapointing apart from J-Rich they have no one who can step up on a night to night basis

On the other hand Golden State is coming off a huge win in New Orleans. Despite the vegas odds favouring the Hornets the Warriors had a big 4th quarter to end the nine game winning streak. Defensively they were excellent but the problem watching the Dubs this season has been no conistency it just feels like this team plays up for the top teams, but lackadaisical against the bad teams. Tonight I don't expect the same intensity that was found against the Hornets but you never know.

Matchup wise Charlotte actually pose problems. Okafor will go up against Biedrin, J-Richs, Harrington against Wallace could be a lot more difficult then facing David West, Whenver the Pacers faced the Warriors before this season Jackson always did a good job on J-Rich so expect more of the same tonight, Davis against Raymond Felton could get ugly. Look for Baron to take out some of the revenge on his All Star snub tonight. Thats what great players do.

Will Chris webber play tonight?. Unfortunately, in an interview, Chris Mullin said the earliest he'll play is against Chicago next Thursday so tonight his main function will be a benchwarmer.

Davis gets a triple double
B-Wright plays 6 minutes against his former team
Richardson drops 32
Warriors by 13

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