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Most obscure Warriors

Obscurrity is a common enough thing. Chances are that even with a franchise that has such a knowledgable and loyalty base as Golden State do there will always be one or two players that because of a wide ranging combination of things will entirely be forgotten about. The years 1994-2006 were filled with Warriors that were obscure to say the least. Hopefully this post might bring them into light again.

Calbert Cheaney

Okay Cheaney wasn't that obscure at all but there are times when I wish he could maybe have toned down the chucking of 3's a little bit. During his tenure here he missed all 21 of his 3 point attempts but his most memorable contribution was being most vocal 13th man in the league with his towel chucking and trying to endure himself to Biedrins or Caparkapa whenever they made a mistake. There are times when i question the wisdom of NBA Gm's when they were foolish enough to draft him ahead of Sam Cassell

Here is a highlight reel of the 2005-2006 season. Oh well what could have been!

Jim Jackson

Funny thing was Jim Jackson although most associated with a jounreyman wasn't all that bad a player. Golden State were no 4 of his 12 team NBA journey and even though he averaged a career high of of 18.9 points 5.6 rebounds he moved on after one season. Funny thing is had it not been for Toni Braxton Kidd and Jackson would be together on the Mavericks.

Lester Connor

Was drafted in the 1st round 1982 draft by the Golden State Warriors. Even though he wasn't anything spectacular (highest PPG average was 11.1) did earn a reputation for his defense hence his nickname Lester the Molester. perfers playing Poker.

Jiri Welsch

Apparently even though Dubs fans never got to see it he had a sweet outside shot and ability to drive to the basket. Only played in 37 games averaging 1.6 ppg, 0.8 rpg, 0.7 apg.

Vinny Del Negro

An Italian American will be remembered for his stints with the Spurs and Treviso rather then the Warriors. Played in only 29 games but is it a safe bet to assume that our very own Marco will turn out the same way?. Not a hall of famer but he did receive his own locker as a gift

Ronny Seikaly

Probably the first lebanese player to play in the NBA he just about averaged a double-double for his career. His stock as a player fell rapidly here although he picked himself up in Orlando the following year. Unsurprsingly he doesn't get as many search hits as his supermodel Wife

Ronny flushing it down

Bill Curely

My favourite most obscure Warrior. Forget Jim Jackson this was a jounreyman at it's best. He spent only one season with Golden State and played for five NBA teams in five seasons but is legendary in Massachussets Basketball circles. Over two seasons played 29 games with the Warriors

Jud Bluecher

Isn't it ironic that a player like Jud Bluecher can have as many championship rings as Wilt Chamberlain. Played 3 seasons with Golden State and whilst averaging career highs across the board will be remembered more fondly for wanting to stay in Del Mar

Bimbo Coles

Lost at least 29 games to injury in each of the seasons in Golden State. Originally played Baseball with the California Angels. Given name is Vernell Eufaye. Part of the 1998-1999 Warriors team arguably our worst team in Warriors history.

Chris Taft

I always felt sorry for Taft. Back problems really hampered his growth with Golden State the closest example would be Stephene Lasme. Was a horrible FT shooter and was recently let go by the Rio Grande Vipers of the NBDL. A video of his only season with Golden State the 2005-2006 season is down blow he did have flashes of potential.

Chris Gatling

I think a common misconception in todays League is people point to David Robinson for starting the whole League trend of wearing headbands although he later claimed this was because he suffered a serious accident as a teenager. Averaged 13.7 points and 7.6 rebounds per game but still never justified why he was taken so highly. Throws it down with authority though

Steve Logan

Imagine this. You get called up to a nice new job with many people not having access too but don't get offered a guarantee contract. Thats okay though because essentially the job you're doing is a privellige something students often dream about when shooting hoops or throwing a Football. Since you didn't get offered a gurantee contract you then quit and never appear in the job again. Thats what happenned to Steve Logan.

Bryon Houston

Houston was once barred as the second coming of charles Barkley. Well I supposse the only thing you can compare him to Barekley is his attitude!. Very soon it became obvious he didn't have the post game and only averaged 5 PPG as his NBA season high. Now on the sex offenders list in Oklahoma and is serving four years in prison. Literally a definition of a waste

:Victor Alexander
: Donyell Marshall
:Clifford Rozier
Paul Molekeski
Alton Lister
Vonteggo Cummings
Zarko Cabarkapa

Any others I left out drop a comment in the comments box

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