Friday, February 8, 2008

Golden State: 108 Chicago: 114

Wow did this just happen. Did a Bulls team minus Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and Kirk Hinrich just come to Oakland and kick the Warriors butt on national TV. Oh dear!


: When Joe Smith and Chris Duhon combined to dominate the Warriors frontcourt then thats when things are obviously going awry. Smith is the protypical NBA journeyman who bounces around from team to team but with our charming soft Defense he dropped 27 points and 8 boards. Long though of as a bust by Warriors fans this was hard to accept but what wa even harder was seeing Chris Duhon a Guard who averages 5 PPG erupt and dominate Ellis so frquently. Thomas and Noah also looked solid the latter impressing with Rebounding and Hustling.

: Quick starts have been the enigma of the team this season and on national TV it was no different. They conceded a whooping 32 in the opening period and 37 in the next. Dfense was horrible with Air France fouling out as expected and Harrington and Biedrins almost fouling out as well.

: Shooting was a team killer. 75% of 3 pointers were clankers nuff said. But on the other hand the main storyline of the night was.

Webber wasn't actually that bad. He came nowhere near as close to the 14 points I duly perdicted but he hadn't put on a NBA jersey since detroit so rustiness was to be expected. His assist to Biedrins, a nice steal on Duhon and two jumpers were postive points. He still looks slow but give this time before C-Webb becomes back in the swing of things. There was a scene where his cut pass to monta reminded me of the Sacramento Kings used to run the play with him and Mike Bibby. More of the same we hope

Not much else to explain. Even with Nelsons bizzarre coaching decisions such as keeping hot hand Al out for Matt barnes who was in a slump didn't make sense. With all but 1 of this months games being away the Warriors can't afford dumb losses at home if they want to stay in playoff contention. The Rockets win puts them ahead of us. Only time will tell if adversity is overcome

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