Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Golden State: 120 Washington 117 Unbelievable

Wait we came back from 23 down?


You can't analyse this team. You just can't. Without doubt out of all the professional Sports teams out there this has got to be the most inconsistent and unhealthy for your heart type of team. Nothing comes easy when watching Golden State games. You can have joyful wins over the Spurs or the Suns or you can have disappointing displays over the T-Wolves and the Bulls. It was the seasons biggest comeback and to borrow an old soccer saying "it truly was a game of two halves". 36 minutes of pain followed by 12 gold ones.

This game epitmoized what Jackson is all about. Even with a sprained ankle or that crunch 3 he hit in the final minute after demonstrating his exhaustion it appears Captain Jack showed well what being a Captain is all about. Not many players provide the excitement that Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis bring to the table even though sometimes the hype can be too much see the sacramento win or chicago loss.

Defense After the 0-6 start for a few games we saw much more defensive intensity. Tonight rendered a concern this team has got to work on defending perimeter shooting. The Wizzrds shot above average indeed but helped by the amount of open looks. They conceded a whooping 72 points at the half not helped by Roger Mason a jounreyman PG getting 21 points Monta making the mistake of repeatedly displaying poor defense against a no namer Guard see Chris Duhon.

Webber Webber has leragely had a non impact on offense unless you want to count his excciting put back dunk after a foul on Monta. On defense he was largely used as a pick and role machine something which Biedrins is adept at avoiding. The problem offensively is it's more difficult to mkae any sort of impact when there's no cutting to the Basket. There was no flow to the offense too much standing around when Webber had it. If we want to return to the running team of old find space to give C-Webb the ball it's that simple.

One quick word. Who is Roger Mason J.r. Going by the 1st half alone it seemed Agent Zero was not missed in the nations capital. The inability to deal with any pick and roll meant Roger had a ton of open jumpers which he duly made. He looked the real deal and even when it seemd Monta had him all locked up Brandon Haywood was let wide open for an easy jam.. His own website reveals all sorts of info. Why am I so fascinated by this. Probably because on a large list of Warrior killers he's probably the most bizaree inclusion

Warrior killer Number 500

Baron didn't force anything unlike the Kings game. In the 1st half he was guilty of a few silly turnovers but once he settled down we saw the Baron of old picking his spots, finding other players in good spots and driving to the basket a lot more something the Bulls and the Kings never found out. It consistently worked which meant Monta or Jackson were wide open more often then expected.

Turnovers and Miscelaneous were aplenty in the 1st half and had it not been for Big Al's defense and Monta's better ability to finish at the rim the game would have been out of hand. Once the 4th got under away they were greatly reduced. Why?. Roger Mason J.R was cooled off and DeShaun Stevenson their two Guard must have felt the pressure of living up to Agent Zero's hype and threw a few wild ones up although Nick Young started picking his game up. Fortunately the Rebounding efforts of Barnes, Harrington and Biedrins vastly improved especially on the offensive end. The play which ended the game was not the Jackson 3 but the ability of Monta to chase down the ball and hit it off Stevenson to retain poccession. This rebounding effort wasn't seen all season until now.

As of now Jackson displayed the trueness of being a Warrior. He still chucks it up like there's no tommorow but look at the numbers over the last few games 44-86 in the last 5 games, 16-37 from 3 point land. His offensive repetorie has been a lot more patient something we didn't really see last season. Keep this up and we'll be on pace to win 50 games good enough for a consecutive playoff appearance.

Lineup and wrapup We have by far the most stubborn coach in the League right now it's well known. No sign of Harrington or Biedrins both who had productive sencond half performances. A blend of Kelenna, CJ or Wright no matter how farfetched would have been ideal.

But lets ignore Nellie and his decision making . Right now there are two undisputed facts. 1. We are on course for a 49-50 win season if we keep going at this rate and 2. when Baron, Jackson, Monta, Al, Matt, and Andris get it going there is no team more exciting and at the same time heart inducing then the 2007-2008 Golden State Warriors

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