Monday, February 11, 2008

Golden State V Washington preview


Should be called the reunion month. First J-Rich makes his disasterous return to the bay area, then Webber who was bannished 14 years by Nellie comes back in a much hyped return and now there's the sight of seeing Gilbert Arenas and Antwan Jamison two always popular Warriors make their return to the Roaracle. I still mantain Jamison's feat of back to back 51 point games here and here is the most underated sporting achievement in the City by the bay although the lack of publicity had to do with our 17-65 record.

Mullin is crazy enough to bring both of them back unlikely as that sounds!.

But back to tonights opponents. In the Western Conference the Wizards combination of 7 straight losses and going from 24-19 to 24-26 would mean rather then thinking about the playoffs it's lottery time. However the overall well known mediocrity of the East means Washington still has 6th seed while warriors fans are forced to suffer and worry whether 10 games over 500 is good enough to keep them in 8th spot. With Caron Butler's status unclear whether he is out or not the Warriors have to contain Jamison from the very start otherwhise if he drops 40 and 15 it will be a long night.

On the other hand the Warriors are on a winning streak 7-3 in their last 10 all because of the emergence of Monta. His ability to create his own shot combined with his speed means opponents can't keep up with him. He's led the team in scoring the past 3 games and in 5 of the last 8 games. He's led the team in rebounding in 2 of the last 4 games. Let the supporting cast take it away.

That guy is incredible, he is an amazing player. They were blitzing the screen and roll and taking him (Monta) out of that so we really had to get him the ball by other means. He has the ability to smell out openings when they were zoning and he makes great cuts and then they fouled him. But it wasn't an easy night, we weren't able to gear our offense to set him up and he still comes up with 34 points. The turning point in the game for us was when we started to post up their smaller guards and drew double teams and that kind of got us rolling a little bit when it was quite a struggle. When Baron has a game like this we normally don't win it, so Monta had to have a big game and he did."

Andris Biedrins:
He was great. He really stepped it up, especially when B.D. (Baron) got his sixth foul and we needed somebody to step it up. Monta did a tremendous job on the offensive end and that's why we won, because of him

With Baron struggling this is a bonus and it should continue tonight. With the reliance of 3's expect a lot to be taken from Baron, Stephen Jackson etc . Question is will they swish?.

Jamsison gets 28
Nothing wrong with Davis tonight as he gets 18
Monta has a big night with 32
Warriors by 10

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