Thursday, February 21, 2008

Golden State: 119 Boston: 117

You want to know why following the warriors at this moment in time ias so fun. Simply record this game and show it to any self respectable neutral fan who is unsure about what team to support. This was the epitome of what it's like tofollow Golden State. There were too many turnovers to consider this a perfect game but of all the heroics we've seen this year against the Lakers, Spurs game or the Hornets solid victory this was the closest to resembling the 2007 playoffs. What Boston found out and what many bandwagon Celtics fans saw was the Warriors don't fold whenever greatness is close by. 0.3 seconds thats all it took


The Warriors last night set their own record of largest attendence at a Basketball game. Needless to say they witnessed a classic game with the Celtics playing the Warriors very much the Jazz way. Unfortunately they needed a Boozer or a hard no nonsense post player to run over Biedrins who played amazing defense on Garnett. Boston were physical, kept penetrating and Ray Allen was his usual self with some deadsly outside shooting. Of course as I said earlier there were plenty of ugly aspects to this game. Baron missed a few key 4th quarter Free Throws Barnes had a wild lay-up but the guts and detemination to sneak this game out without Jackson was heroic stuff and showed when they feel like it they can beat any team in the League. Apart from the Jazz.

Baron The rest he took against Utah was so benefical for last night it was scary. He repatedly showed he had the legs to attack the Basket and even though he missed a few Free throws in the remaining minutes stretch but the law of Basketball dictates whenver Baron drives to the Basket good things happen. Just to see him take it to the Celtics was more rewarding then the buzzer beater

Biedrins Outside of Hollywoods heroics how refreshing was it to see Biedrins after a Utah no show bounce back and hold his own against KG. He was extremely relentness at crashing the boards and giving Golden State a lot of second chance opportunties posting up 21 and 13. Nice game.

Now thats Defense

HarringtonOn nights without Jackson Harrington usually assumes the role of team leader. A few missed shot attempts in the 1st half and it seemed obvious a gap was missing if the Dubs were suppossed to get back into this game. Big Al let his defense and Rebounding take over however. Right after the half Hariringtons rejubenation began something the 0-6 start was never witness too. A 22 and 12 night was extremely close to being the main heroics of the night when he took a last-minute charge to shut down a Celtics’ possession. One ref gave Al the charge, only to see it waved off by another but based on this showing fustration was overshadowed by his productivity.

Webber had one of his more productive nights actually. I thought the Utah game would be a perfect example of why we biught in C-Webb to slow down the Boozers of the West but tonight it was clear against post players such as Garnett thats when his Defense elevates . I loved his passing and mid range game even though he can't do a defensive rotation and his vertical is horrible. Having said that plays that defense night in night out things might get more interesting.

Pietrus In just under an hour we'll find out if Pietrus just played his last game as a Warrior. If so what a way to go out. I loved his extremely tight defense against Pierce and allen and that putback dunk was special. He still made notable mistakes but for once I can say he played a role in beating Beantowns best and hopefully he can do the something for what ever team he finds himself on.

Monta: Props to Monta as well. On a night where Baron was back to himself he din't need to shoot 75% for the Warriors to stand a chance. Part of what makes this kid stand out is his maturity level rare in this day and age. He had 26 points, 9 assists and 2 turnovers against Rajon Rondo renowned for his defense a major plus point of the night.

If you missed the game and shame on you if you did then here are the highlights.

I'll probably end up saying this but consistency, intensity, the playoff run we’ll need to stay with the best in the West could happen or it could just be another peak on the 07-08 rollercoaster

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