Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Golden State V Seattle Preview


This years Warriors are the most mixed team to ever play Basketball. One night they're knocking off the best team in the league, the next night they're getting blown out by a team struggling to make the playoffs in the East. In any other season losing to the Hawks and still being 11 games over .500 wouldn't be a major cause of concern. Unfortunately you can't do that this season take off nights against supbar teams. There are 9 excellent teams contending for 8 spots. Even with Yao done for the season Portland could reel another 13 in a row streak or T-Mac could become the next MVP if his scoring picks up by 10 Points per game. Either way against mediocre teams like the one we face tonight Golden State have to come out straight away and not suffer the bad 1st quarter starts we've seen them.

The current Seattle team preoccupied in moving to Oklahoma stink. Durrant has a nice jump shot but the role players aren't anything special since they trade away Kurt Thomas. They even traded away their best shooter Wally something. On the other hand the Warriors last few wins have been decided by a jump shot literally Boston, Phoenix, Washington, and Sacramento. Sooner or later this will come back to haunt them but when?

I would hate to see Chris Webber start tonight. Let him get some game time against the second Sonics unit. I don't think when he starts this team don't run out of the gates like they used to so they have to accomodate him more in their offense. For he has proved against the Hawks Brandon Wright deserves his starting spot. He can rebound, block shots and change shots on Defense. If he works his way onto Nellie's rotation there is every opportunity he could provide some PT.

Hopefully th Dubs start out strong and take tonights one with ease much like the Charlotte game. With Seattle only having 9 players for this game in theory although doubtful the Warriors should romp home tonight/

Nick Collison is the new Warrior killer
Monta gets 32
Wright impresses more and more
Warriors by 6

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