Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Golden State V Phoenix Preview


Like the majority of NBA and Warrior fans I was stunned when Phoenix announced they traded Marrion for Shaq. Combined with the Gasol for Kwame Brown and Kidd for Stackhouse and Devin Harris deals the West is getting stronger by the minute. Unfortunately those watching via ESPN will more then likely not get to see Shaq's debut it will come probably after the All Star Break. In this case it becomes just clear how much Marrion is underrated even though he was being paid big bucks. Though you may not see it he was the inspiration for the Suns running game giving them the Boards and blocks. Without the Matrix tonight hopefully the Warriors can take adavantage of this weakspot. If Shaq doesn't play expect to see a usual Suns Warriors encounter lost of scoring and outside shots. Golden State also has a halfcourt player of their own in Chris Webber. Until he gets in shape only then can fans fairly hold judgment.

The matchup that makes me drool in anticipation Baron V Nash. One is a two time MVP (stole the 2006 one) while the other is an All Star snub who's been putting up great solid numbers. The next matchup to watch out for Raja Bell and Monta Ellis. Both add a extra scoring dimension to this game.

The Dubs came back from 23 down to beat the Wizards. They will need to play a heck of a lot better then that if they hope to beat the team with the best record in the western Conference. On the other hand Golden State have won their past two meetings against Phoenix. Take it away Grant Hill.

Suns forward Grant Hill described Golden State's 129-114 win on Nov. 26 as a "track meeting

Hopefully after a few past lethargic meetings we see a renewed Golden State team with guns blazing in front of a national TV audience with the Roracle in full force.

Stoudemire gets a double double
Baron is a few assists shy from a triple double
Both teams combine for over 200 points
Warriors by 4

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