Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shaq to Phoenix?

I got two apologies to make. One for the lack of posts the past couple of days and the other for making a rare non Warrior post but since the Suns are in the same division it does have a impact on the Warriors standing. In the most nonsencial trade I've seen in a long time Shaq is ready to become a Phoenix sun barring a Physical in exchange for Marrion and Banks.

It is incredibly difficult to justify exactly how this benefits the Phoenix Suns. With their uptemp sysytem being completely out of reach for Shaq it seems GM Steve Kerr is virtually banking this trade for the rarity of a Suns title. In contrast Riley has proved what an amazing GM he is trading for Shaq and winning a title then trading him away when he has no trade value. The Heat win out significantly in this deal because they get a PG Marcus Banks who's significantly better then anyone on their current roster and once they get a expected lottery pick along with Marrion they could give Detroit or Boston some competition.

But at the same time this trade is disasterous for Phoenix. They were already the favourites for the title, were a stupid rule away from being probable NBA Champs last season. Yes Marrion doesn't like his role in Phoenix but putting your title hopes on a injury prone Grant Hill is just laughable. Shaq hasn't played any defense since 2005-2006 and his knees are literally gone. This trade makes zero sence for a run and gun team like the Suns and I'm sure coach DiAntoni is beside himself in disbelief that Kerr could destroy his team and his style of play this way!. Hopefully the Suns enjoy defending the pick and roll because through his career Shaw and nash are two of the biggest liabilites around for doing this

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