Friday, June 27, 2008

Draft Day Reflection

The day after. A realization that potentially the Warriors might have made a decent Lottery pick. With De Andre Jordan and Kosta Koufas draft stock falling like flies Anthony randolph seemed to make the most sesnse and wasn't a panic pick at all rumored as high as the 5-8 range earlier in the draft season and is so young that we’ve likely only begun to see the scope of what he can accomplish (much like a certain 07 lottery big man). So while I’m thrilled the team ended up with Randolph, I’m not sure how much credit to give Mullin for the pick. Offensively, a Randolph, Wright, Biedrins front line would be an offensive rebounding dream team. We can sleep soundly following the 08 draft because we nabbed the best player on the board. We have all off-season and the following three years to figure out how we can use him and whether we want to keep him.

SF Gate

This just in: Portland has traded for another player
Seriously, I think Portland just drafted and traded for an entire new team. Everytime I looked up the Blazers had made a trade to pick up an extra draft pick. They have some great young talent there, but they'll need a solid veteran to show them the ropes out there. 12 young guys learning the NBA on their own isn't going to work as well as having someone to mentor them on and off the court. I hope they pick someone up because that team could be very good next year.

Knicks drafting Daniel Gallinari Another interesting moment the guy reminds me of a taller version of Marco. The thing is Daniel is incredibly raw plus where would he fit in the Knicks Frontcourt when you have David Lee, Zach Randolph. Daniel pulled down 6 boards a game in the Italian League as well so he's arguably more of a raw prospest then Jordan. Having said that his Dads history with Mike D'antoni was the main factor for this pick.

A bust written all over him

T-Wolves trade OJ Mayo for Kevin Love from Memphis Honestly I can't figure out why Minnesota did this. It must've been because Love makes better outlet passes than Jefferson? but wither way MCHale solidified his reputation as the GM with the array of dumb moves. He pretty much duplicates Jefferson because neither play Center. Foye + Mayo + Brewer + Jefferson made sense

Please turn off Dickie V and Stephen A. Smith
Could these two be any more annoying? You have microphones on. I CAN HEAR YOU. People speak louder to emphasize a point. People do not speak loud the entire time they talk. It makes me want to put the tv on mute. Go away please.

Exciting Draft Day Trades
It was a very exciting draft, more so than the last few. Outside of the top two picks, a lot went down including Mayo for Love, Yi for Jefferson swap, All the Portland trades. This helps even out the conferences for the short term, but the West just picked up two more bright young players.

Anyway onto the links

ESPN (Chad Ford)

Interesting pick for the Warriors. At this point you go with the best talent available, and I think, as far as upside goes, that was Randolph. Here's the problem: They drafted the same kind of guy last year, Brandan Wright, another super-athletic freshman forward drafted on the basis of potential. What do they do now that they have both of them


At 6-10 and a shade under 200 pounds, Randolph has been criticized for his thin frame and lack of strength, but is lauded for his tremendous athleticism, wingspan, and potential. His versatility is exactly what Don Nelson looks for, as he'll be able to create his own shot or spot up from mid-range but he can't shoot from the three-point range just yet.

Randolph does, however, add something that the Warriors desperately needed: defensive ability. Although he's still coming into his own as far as learning the game of basketball, his quickness allows for him to stay in front of his opponents and his wingspan makes him a formidable shot-blocker.

Another Skinny Kid (Janny Hu)

And with that pick, they took 6-11 freshman Anthony Randolph, who was asked immediately by ESPN's Stephen A. Smith when he planned to hit the weights. He weighs less than 200 pounds.

The Warriors Big draft plans (Adam Lauridsen - Fast Break: A Warriors Fan Blog)

They might not have the strength at the moment to push guys off the block (although Randolph’s slim frame appears to hide some significant muscle), but there will be a sea of arms between the ball and the rim on any post move. Regardless of whether Randolph pans out as a small forward, I’m happy with the pick

Warriors take Anthony Randolph hey sometimes it's not a smokescreen (Tim Kawakami)

Yep, it wasn’t a smokescreen: The Warriors hinted for days that if Anthony Randolph was there at 14, they were taking him. He was just too good a prospect to pass, even if he’s raw and might take some time to develop.

I’m curious. I think he’s a tremendous talent. I don’t know where Don Nelson plays him, but you have to take a player like that if the next-best choice is JaVale McGee or Kosta Koufos.

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