Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Irish Warriors 2007-2008 Report Card: Chris Webber

Thats a good indicator of how his return went down

Wow who would have imagined it. After leaving the Franchise in such a stormy manner after looking every bit as Dubs fans could have imagined Webber came back. After reuniting with Nelson 14 years later after a hopefully Hall Of Fame career he looked destined to finish on a high. Unfortunately it was a fiasco.

It was hard to see exactly where the Warriors front Office would see help from Webber considering he hadn't played since the Pistons and the Cavalliers Eastern Conference Finals which was 7 months before when Webber joined. The signing’s biggest impact on the team may have been the “hey, look over here” effect it generated during the trade deadline rush the busiest in recent memory. I don't think it was a publicity stunt it seemed Mullin and Nelson honestly believed C-Webb could help the team. And there were times when Webber wasn't completely broken down. He matched up well against Boozer despite another loopsided loss and in the Celtics game he seemed to know Garnetts offensive and defensive weaknesses inside out. Unforuntately it was obvious to all that had the Webber of 06-07 been signed the Warriors might have won a few extra games

I honeslty much like Mullin thought Webber would help this team. And there were glimpses where he did show us what he was capable off his passing was still solid, could set screens for teammates,nice rebounding, crafty defense on Kevin Garnett, some picks and swats but in the end it was all a tease. All the problems that he have such as a low hoops IQ,complete lack of interior passing, a player who looks to pass before shoot and the long awaited big body in the paint. However Nelson deserves credit for at least trying . They needed and still need a big man in every possible way and webber becuase of his salary and experience was the atttractive option

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Overall Grade: Incomplete

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