Monday, June 16, 2008

Irish Warriors report card 2007-2008 Austin Croshere

For the vet minimum Croshere was a steal. However since he's in a contract year as well estimating his salary over 44 games rather then 82 becomes a chore for the Front office. Despite his back being the source of his problems and reducing his potential productivity Croshere gave energy off the bench with scoring, rebounding and attempting to play Defense. Bad backs, however, rarely get better with age. The Warriors could use a player they can rely on for more than half a season of basketball.

Depending on how the Warriors’ off-season shapes up, it might be worth bringing Austin back again just to have another veteran on the team. This year, however, the young guys will be a year older and less in need of veteran supervision (and maybe the youngsters should have been supervising Baron at his birthday bash). Croshere’s return to this team will likely come down to (1) whether he wants to come back and (2) whether the Warriors find someone in the summer league or training camp that makes enough of an impression to trump the quality 10 minutes the Warriors can count on from Austin 30-40 times a season.

He was big in spots this year when he did play. He often was key energy off the bench. But his shot was suspect (sorry, I expected him to be a shooter and his injury prone demaeanour meant his grade dropped considerably since the midterm reports

Overall Grade: C-

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