Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Irish Warriors 2007-2008 report Card: Brandon Wright

The J-Rich trade has been dicussed to death by the pro and anti camp so I will leave that out of this final report card. Unforunately while Wright did show a little bit of promise his slender body caused major problems for him during his few stretches of playing time. It didn't prevent him from being totally ineffective there were times during the year where he was easily able to get off the ground for putbacks and blocks and he also had the speed to keep up on a fastbreak. That being said any team that had a player who weighed more and was stronger his body was a big liability. He struggled on defense against bigger players and often found himself knocked out of the way on both offensive and defensive rebounds perhaps a reason for not much playing time. Nelson overcoaches a lot so it was the prospect of a big mismatch which kept Nelson from turning to his rookie when the team needed either a substitute or support for Andris on the front-line.

The lefty Slam!

On the plus side He was surprisingly further along than I thought. He was labeled a project so much during the draft that I was thinking he wouldn’t be able to contribute. He turned out to be better than expected. He knows how to use his length and athleticism. He brings energy on both ends and does what he can do, which is about what you should expect from a rookie.

The biggest question this offseason for Wright is not about bulk he will eventually have the body of Duncan, Bosh or Jackson but will he lose some of the playing ability. Wright has an undeniable smoothness on the court, from his moves around the basket to finishing on the break. If he adds 20-30 pounds of muscle, it’ll add force to his game but might risk the other elements. Still, it’s a risk the Warriors are going to have to take if he is to join Biedrins as a potential twin tower partnership with hustle and shot-blocking. It won't happen when you routinely get knocked down on your backside. But the highlights were always phenomenal and it’s clear it’s all about gaining experience and strength with Wright

Overall Grade: C+

Props to BBJ for compiling virtually every Warrior player and moments of the Season in these videos. Truly unstoppable baby!

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Chris Mullin C+

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Stephen Jackson B+

Patrick O Bryant Incomplete

Kosta Perovic Incomplete

Don Nelson B-

Mickael Pietrus D+

CJ Watson C+

Chris Webber Incomplete

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