Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rumor updates from ESPN

Just a few of the updates the Worldwide leader has been reporting

Bucks trade Yi and Simmons to the Nets for Richard Jefferson Hard to make sense of this one. The Nets a young guy albeit totally raw Center, and a salary dump for their LeBron push yet on the other hand give away a 20 and 10 guy (Jefferson) and suffer Simmons contract. An even trade on both accounts although should LeBron be swayed by the Nets eventual relocating to Brooklyn this could play a role

Clippers trade #7 pick to the Sonics and move up to #4 as long as the T-Wolves take OJ Mayo Unbelievable. Clips never learn. They'll will take Mayo, Bayless, or Westbrook, in that order.

I'm sure it's lottery protected in 2009, Top 3 protected in 2010, Top 1 protected in 2011, and unprotected in 2012, but still. Give up a 1st rounder to move up 3 spots. On the otherside of the fence this move was to get Eric Gordon exactly the Guard they should target

Derrick Rose to the Bulls It looks official. The Bulls played it safe and choose the number 1 pick

I'll update this post right before the Draft starting at 12.30 am here with any big or small moves being made

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