Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Latest Rumours #2

Can you imagine him and Jackson together?

In conciding with the other latest rumours Part 1 post it's interesting to see right before Draft Day all the last minute rumours floating around. Never mind the potential of these rumours being true most fans secretly pray they happen or in some cases don't. With that being said the latest batch are here

Davis to the Pistons I don't know hou much credibility the article has but Rasheed wallace Chauncey Billups and Jason Maxiell all for the 14th pick and Baron seems to be dominating the Warrior rumours. Whilst I think this is more legit then any of Sam Smiths or Pete Vecsey's reports Davis would need to officially not opt-out to make the trade happen, but it’s worth noting that Davis and Wright (or Belinelli or Perovic) works under the cap for Billups and Wallace, even given Billups’ BYC status.

The trade works better for the Warriors then the Pistons. Even though Billups and Wallace wouldn't seem to fit in Nellie's system but we do get a starting line-up of Billups / Ellis / Jackson / Wallace / Biedrins. On paper that’s an impressive team (at least for next year. Billups is the master of defending a Pick and roll and Wallace would finally give the team a low-post offensive threat. Destroit would want to give Billups large contract a rest injecting fresh blood, landing a prospect with Wright but it doesn't look like an easy sell plus Stern might want to prevent the nightmare of seeing Jackson and Wallace together. This trade makes a better team immediately (for one season until Rasheed's contract runs out) and Billups deal is much more cap-friendly for the future than Baron Davis' deal

Al Harrington to Cleveland It's been talked about before it is the type of mature team / younger team deal that frequently gets done in the NBA. From a numbers standpoint, Al Harrington and Kosta Perovic for Anderson Varejao and Eric Snow works under the cap. The Cavs do the deal to gain Harrington’s offensive punch now that they have Ben Wallace filling the role of big man with no offensive skill while The Warriors would do the deal to gain a low post rebounding and defensive threat with heft to compliment Wright and to gain the salary relief when Snow’s contract is bought out (which has been widely reported as a possibility

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