Thursday, June 26, 2008

NBA Draft We're Mocking you Part 3

Will Baron still be a Warrior after draft day?

Is Harrington being shopped for Varejao and the 14th pick?

We're just about to get this whole NBA draft thing underway with the Warriors making another Lottery appearance. Rumours abound of Davis going to the Pistons for Rasheed and Billups or Harrington to the Cavs for Varejao will finally be proved correct tonight. move up. . Tune into ESPN at 12.30 AM on Friday Morning to catch the draft. But before we get there, at Irish Warriors we're bringing you the latest mock drafts from around the web. Make sure to check out the last 2 mock drafts to see how things have changed: Mocking you NBA Draft 1st edition and Mocking you NBA Draft 2nd edition

So without further ado, here we go with a highlight reel of the top players in the draft as well as part III

Medistiner #14 Donte Green #14 Kosta Koufas #49 James Gist

Kosta Koufas

Strengths: To prepare for Ohio State, Koufos has developed a more aggressive style of play. He now has the ability to bang down low that he has somewhat lacked in the past. While being known as a player who is best when working in the high post from either elbow, he has displayed a solid game from the baseline recently, where he can turn over either shoulder to hit the baseline jumper. He has added a behind the back dribble move to his repertoire that isn't fully reliable yet, but will make him a little more dangerous when working from the top of the key nonetheless. His leadership has developed more and he is a reliable go to guy offensively in the post. Defensively, his post position is very good, so he shouldn't have too many problems with man-to-man defense at the next level.

Weaknesses: Koufos must get better at finishing at the rim after contact. He has great touch around the basket, but when he takes contact, his shot doesn't often find the basket. His timing is good on blocked shots, but don't expect him to be much of an intimidator with this skill in the NBA due to average to just above average athleticism. While his midrange shooting is excellent, he could stand to extend his range a little bit. If he could consistently hit the college three it would be an excellent weapon for him and his team.

Notes: Turned down a multi-million dollar offer from Olympiacos Piraeus to play professionally ...

James Gist

Strengths: Potential is outstanding, especially in faster paced NBA ... Athletically, he can compete with anyone ... Dunks with authority often ... Runs the fast break very well for a power forward... Great length ... Good touch around the basket ... Has the potential to be a lock down defender ... Very good post defender ... Has strong shot blocking instincts ... Good footwork in the post... Improving jump shot ... Developing ability to play on the perimeter ... Incredible on the open floor ... Can get on a roll and look like a budding star ... Has noticeably improved every year of his collegiate career ... Strong free throw shooter ...

Weaknesses: Has a tendency to disappear offensively at times ... Not ready to play full time on the wing, as he would likely be asked to do... Poor rebounder for his size ... Not strong enough to play the four in the NBA, and lacks great height at 6'8" ... Very passive overall, doesn't make his presence felt enough ... Must work on consistency and getting open ... A bit of a tweener, but has the potential make the transition to a wing player

Draft Express #14 Donte Green #49 Shan Foster

Donte Green He actually has one of the prettier shots you’ll find in this draft, blessed with picture perfect mechanics, a high release point, and a very quick release. The problem is that his shot-selection has been poor, as he’s fallen into some of the same selfishness that has plagued his entire team (particularly Paul Harris) in Big East play. Greene has been taking too many rushed, off-balance, contested shots as of late, not fully setting his feet, contorting his body unnecessarily, and thus not getting the kind of accuracy he enjoyed earlier in the season. Regardless of whether his shot has been falling, he’s continued to take them (he attempted sixteen 3-pointers in a single game a few weeks back), and thus has shot his team out of a few games #14 Maresse Speights

With impeccable strength, athleticism and balance, there is not a power forward prospect in college basketball outside of Michael Beasley who is more NBA-ready, yet also shows enough room for improvement to develop into an All-Star than Speights

HoopsHype #14 Donte Green

A terrific perimeter shooter who can get his shot effectively in a multitude of ways. Excellent coming off screens or pulling up off the dribble. Can put the ball down or operate in the midrange area and shows sparks of potential with his back to the basket as well. A project but with an upside

ESPN #14 Donte Green

If Kosta Koufos is on the board, his combination of size and offensive skill would be a nice complement to Andris Biedrins' defensive and rebounding prowess.

If Koufos is off the board, Golden State will probably be deciding between Robin Lopez (if available), Jason Thompson and Donte' Greene. While Greene doesn't fit a need, he may be the best talent of the three. His game is reminiscent of Rashard Lewis, and he may be too good for Golden State to pass up.

#49 Josh Duncan
An athletic forward from Xavier, Duncan can shoot the 3-pointer and run the floor
. #14 Joe Alexander

Alexander works his tail off and that work ethic will be appreciated in the Bay Area. Alexander can definitely bring the pain to the rim and is a perfect match offensively in coach Don Nelson's up and down game. #14 Donte Green

A high prospect because of the incredible potential, is a 6'10'' wing with the game of a guard. While ball-handling is a times sloppy, as well as mechanics on both sides of the ball, Greene is incredibly talented with a solid jumpshooting game to compliment a whole host of off the ball skills. Can finish with the best of them. Will take time to adapt to the speed and workouts that demand a lot in the NBA, but should be an impact player within a year.

Inside Hoops #14 Alexis Ajinca

A Euro type center, meaning he can pass and understands basketball but needs to get stronger

Pro Basketball News #14 Robin Lopez #49 Malik Harriston

CBS Sportsline (Kerry Eggers) #14 Anthony Randolph

CBS Sportsline (Jeff Reynolds)#14 De Andre Jordan

College #14 Kosta Koufas #49 Richard Roby

Now we're ready for the 2008 NBA Draft. Anything can happen tonight and with Don Nelson around, you never know what will go down. Maybe we trade up for the number one spot and get Beasley. Okay maybe not but we could get Kevin Love or OJ Mayo. It's a great time to be a Warrior fan and we're excited about the draft even with a lottery pick

What are the Warriors going to do? Trade up, down, or just stay put?

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