Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SB Nation Lottery Mock Draft 2008

We've been mocking you x2 already (see We're Mocking You: NBA Mock Drafts 2008 1st edition and 2nd edition now we're going to take it to a whole 'nother level. The SBNation hoops fam and some friends from the best hoops blogs around are selecting players and supplying a little science on their selection in a blogger mock draft

All the mock fun is hosted at Ridiculous upside on a great NBA site that has no affiliation with an NBA team but this draft class is loaded like Pacman Jones on a night out in the town

The first 12 picks of this mock draft are in the books

1. Chicago Bulls select Derrick Rose (Blog a Bull) Seems to be the unaminous first pick and to be fair it's hard to see why the Bulls would pass on a Guard that would turn Chicago into more than a collection of skilled parts.

2. Miami Heat select Michael Beasley (Peninsula is mightier) Can't argue here. Wade, Marion and Beasley could easily make the fans forget about the disaster that was the 2007-2008 season

3. Minnesota Timberwolves select OJ Mayo ( Canis Hoopus) It could be said that if OJ is gifted from the perimeter and Jefferson continues to prove Minnesota got some value in the Garnett trade the T-Wolves could be a sleeper in 08-09 should Brewer shoot aboe .400 and Foye stays healthy. It's a big if though

4. Seattle SuperSonics select Eric Gordon
(Ridiculous Upside) A slight reach considering Green and Durrant control the midrange and perimeter and something tells me he will be a sleeper pick in the lottery. Would be better then drafting another potential draft bust ala Brook Lopez

5. Memphis Grizzlies select Kevin Love (3 Shades of blue) Last thing I see Memphis doing is picking another Guard but his skills mesh well with the post Gasol Grizzlies.

6. New York Knicks select Russell Westbrook (Posting and Toasting) Thought he would be heading to the Clippers but because of Starburry's contract the Knicks would be desperate for any kind of rebuilding considering how far they are over the cap. Good pick

7. Los Angeles Clippers select Jerryd Bayless (Clips nation) Westbrook will probably end up here but Bayless would provide leadership at the 1 or 2 something the Clippers have lacked since the abrupt departure of Cassell

8.Milwaukee Bucks select Anthony Randolph Brew Hoop What are the best the Bucks select an overhyyped big man for the third consecutive season see Andrew Bogut and Yi. I'd say pretty good

9. Charlotte Bobcats select Joe Alexander (?.( Queen City Hops)
Always a tough pick to project he would be a decent fit with Oakfor but the question is would the Bobcats chance their arm on another Power Forward after the Morrisson mistake

10. New Jersey Nets select Brook Lopez ( Nets Daily) Aside from DeAndre Jordan he has the biggest potential for bust in this draft. Enough said

11.Indiana Pacers select DJ Augustin (Indy Cornrows) The Pacers have yet to fully embrace a rebuilding year, but replacing Tinsley with Augustin and finally pulling the trigger on an O’Neal deal would go a long way towards overhauling a team that proved to be good, but never good enough. During the frustrating days for Warriors fans that will inevitably occur this off-season, just remind yourself that you could be attempting to build a team around Danny Granger and Mike Dunleavy with little hope of being under the cap until 2010-11.

12 Sacramento Kings select Maresse Speights Sactown Royalty Good backup to Miller for a few years. Will definetely be a double double player within few years.

13. Portland Trailblazers select Brandon Rush Blazers Edge Brandon Rush + Brandon Roy + Greg Oden + LaMarcus Aldridge = anotther Western Conference playoff team for the Warriors to worry about

14. Golden State Warriors select De Andre Jordan ( Golden State Of Mind) He's got the same upside as POB and we all know how that worked out. Should Mullin draft another big man and turns out to be a failure we'll be looking for another big man. Silly pick here

A big big bust here

Keep checking the excellent Ridiculous upside to see what the savy Hoops GM's sorry bloggers have to say about the upcoming Hoop Draft Picks I mean to see how the rest of this FANtastic inaugural SBNation NBA Mock Draft plays out. It should be extremely interesting given this loaded draft and assembly of clever mock-GMs.

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