Sunday, June 22, 2008

Irish Warriors 2007-2008 Report card: Patrick O Bryant

Every decade has it's own Todd Fuller right. Well for POB he's never won any Warrior fans over. There's not a whole lot to write about POB except that he had a year to forget. From first round pick to bench player to D-League player, his season continued to spiral downwards.

He did a lot of this last year

To be fair it's not that POB is neccesarily a bad player but maybe it's just he doesn't fit in Golden State. This is a fast team that wears it’s emotions on his sleeve. He’s too slow and he doesn’t LOOK like he’s trying hard enough. He has some offensive skills and he can protect the rim - if his confidence is up. It hasn’t been since he’s been in Golden State. Maybe it's to do with the prank J-Rich pulled on him in his Rookie year


But on the negative side in reality O’Bryant was a non factor even in garbage time. After posting amazing numbers in the NBDL, he came back and got pushed around and was consistently out of position for both blocked shots and rebounds. Hopefully he’ll figure it out but it’s going to be somewhere else. The sad fact with hindsight never would have been a Warrior if Nellie had signed on to coach in early June last year. Still, he did almost nothing with the time he had with the team and only made slightly more noise in the D-League. It's still too early to say he doesn't have the will to succeed at this level, but the signs aren't good. Of course, big men need an extra year or two, so he could be know for more than his tasty cheesecake this time next year.

Surprising but he did have a big game this year against the Clippers with 12 points leading a minority of fans to hope that in Jacksons absence he might carry on tht sort of form. Alas he went awol up until this nasty throwdown.


Overall Grade: F

Chris Mullin C+

Kelenna Azubuike C-

Matt Barnes D-

Andris Biedrins A-

Marco Bellinelli D+

Austin Croshere C-

Baron Davis B-

Monta Ellis A+

Al Harrington C-

Stephen Jackson B+

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