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Mocking you: 2008 NBA mock Drafts 2nd edition

Talk about Alexander going to the Dubs?

It's been nearly three weeks since the last Draft Mock update and quite a bit has changed. With just three weeks left before the Bulls and Heat finally decided to have taken Rose or beasley before the draft, expect more and more rumors to start flying around about teams trading up, down, and all around. For the Warriors they are currently working a lot of players

In other news rumours coming in about the Warriors trading Brandon Wright and #14 pick for YI To be honest it appears the writer David Thorpe is basing it on the large chinese population in the Bay Area. The mere thought of trading both for the overrated Chinaman who posts up chairs in his pre-draft workouts, drives me nuts.

Stay well clear of Yi

So who do the various mock drafts around the WWW have the Warriors taking
#14 De Andre Jordan- Hell no. His lack of motivation was clearly apparent during his workouts just as it was during his freshman year. He, to me, is the most likely bust in this draft class. #14 De Andre Jordan #49 Trent Plaisted Never heard much of Plaistead here's his scouting report

Strengths: Left handed 6-10 post guy with great speed and athletic ability ... His speed allows him to beat his man down the court on a consistent basis ... He has supposedly been timed running a 4.4 in the 40 yard dash ... A hard worker who is very coachable ... Has solid strength and shows a willingness to bang inside ... Likes to face the basket from inside 12 feet ... Has an effective go-to move where he faces up, dribbles left and then shoots over his right shoulder ... Being left-handed helps his cause, as with any lefty, opponents have to adjust ... Shows a solid hook shot ... Raises his level of play in big games, as shown in his big performance against Tyler Hansbrough and UNC earlier this season ... Has shown solid improvement in his rebounding raising his per game average nearly 3 per game to around 9 rpg ... His passing ability has developed in his junior year. When doubled, he does a good job of finding open teammates ... Very durable. Has missed just one game in his college career ...

Weaknesses: Despite being an upperclassmen, Plaisted is very inconsistent and at times disappears mentally. He must develop better focus and consistency ... Lacks great back to the basket moves. Has improved in the post, but often relies too heavily on his athleticism, which doesn't work against similarly athletic players ... Despite his great leaping ability, he's not much of a shot blocker. Has short arms and doesn't seem to anticipate shot blocks well ... Small for the center position. Short arms also take away from his ability to rebound with diminished length ... A sub-par free throw shooter. His 55% free throw shooting limits his effectiveness offensively ... Must look to cut down on turnovers ...

Draft Express Kosta Koufas

Looking at Koufos’ game, there is certainly a lot to like, starting with some of his abilities in the post, specifically his back-to-the-basket finesse game. Here, Koufos heavily favors a right-handed hook shot and turnaround jumper, or occasionally a shot that’s somewhat a hybrid of both. With his good hands, touch off the glass, size, and ability to establish post position quite easily at this level, Koufos gets a lot of good looks in the 5-10 foot area. Koufos’ post game is fairly limited, though, in that his repertoire doesn’t extend much beyond here, primarily because he has no left hand to speak of. Koufos will rarely try to turn off his right shoulder, and when he does, it usually results in a turnaround jumper with his right hand at an awkward angle, that’s also prone to being blocked. No matter how close he is to the rim and no matter how obvious it may be that using his left hand is the best option, he simply never does it. This predictability about his post game leads to some problems as well, resulting in some of his right-handed hook shots being blocked by smaller opponents, because most teams know its coming. Koufos compounds things further by sometimes rushing his shots in the post or not fully following through on his moves, not getting full extension on his hook, resulting in some flat-looking shot attempts.

Real GM#14 Darrell Arthur

He is very athletic, sprinting the floor with gusto, beating his man down the floor for easy transition buckets. His jump shot is far from developed, but shows nice promise. Chad Ford#14 De Andre Jordan

A number of teams are skeptical about Jordan, but most believe he's going to be in the lottery somewhere. At this point, can the Warriors really pass him up?

Inside Hoops #14 JaVale McGee #14 Joe Alexander

Alexander works his tail off and that work ethic will be appreciated in the Bay Area. Alexander can definitely bring the pain to the rim and is a perfect match offensively in coach Don Nelson's up and down game.

Pro Basketball News
#14 Nicolas Batum

It's been said that Batum's stock has slipped due to a poor showing last season, but one look at this kid's jaw-dropping athleticism makes it easy to believe the rumor I've heard that there's sand-bagging involved with this 19-year-old. The Rudy Gay comparison isn't far-fetched

CBS Sportsline #14 Darrell Arthur or Kosta Koufas

Who do you think the Warriors should draft with the 14th pick?. Any links to excellent Mock draft sites other then the above just post them in the comments

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