Saturday, June 21, 2008

Irish Warriors report card 2007-2008: Al Harrington

The one main problem that Al had as part of the 2007-2008 season was his inconsistency. He came up huge some games and completely disappeared in others not exactly what a bench scorer is required for. In some games he would have a big 1st quarter then misteriously disappear for the next few games. There's no question that when Harrington gets hot he's an ideal Nellie bench player hitting threes, going to the basket with purpose, scrapping for rebounds he then reminds every Warrior fan we got an added bonus by getting rid of DunMurphy. Unforuntely his inconistency was all too telling this year. The fatigue excuse doesn’t work given the minutes he was playing nor does the out of position since it's relatively unclear how he would have done against Small Forwards then Power Forwards or Centers. Arguably, the change of position would have simply eliminated his biggest strength this year: excellent defense on some larger, less mobile players. Offensively, he still would have been shooting jumpers and getting bogged down on half-hearted attempts towards the basket. He should have rebounded better, though. His average dropped (from 6.4) to 5.4 per game. Though he would have a hard time rebounding from the perimeter, that shouldn’t impact his defensive rebounding. Plus, he shot his worst field goal percentahe (43.4) since 2002-03. It was a tough year for Al. His ppg and minutes dropped, too

There's no doubt Al's a nice guy who gets on well with his teamates but it's difficult after this season to see where he fits in with the Warrior plans. Wright is not a Center unless he suddenly beleives he's capable of being one, If they manage to obtain a big bruising PF or Center as many fans hope that will cut into the minutes, . Andris, sitting on a fat new contract and a steadily increasing body of skills, isn’t about to give up minutes at center, Kosta also has to be considered,At small forward, Jackson will continue to play 30+ minutes a night, not to mention spill over minutes from Azubuike and Belinelli should Nelson decide to go small. The point being it;s difficult to see where Harrington lies in future Warrior plans. He’s not a bad player to have around, but won’t play anywhere close to the minutes needed to justify his $9.2 mil salary.

On the other end of the trade, Al has the skills to be a complimentary piece to countless teams around the NBA. Unless the Warriors convince someone he can be more, they shouldn’t expect much in return.It’s unlikely that any of the teams under the cap would want Harrington or his deal, but Mullin might be able to find a team willing to swap one or two 08-09 expiring deals to save the $10 mil will owe Harrington in 09-10. Progress? Only for Cohan’s accountant.

Overall Grade C-

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Chris Mullin C+

Kelenna Azubuike C-

Matt Barnes D-

Andris Biedrins A-

Marco Belinelli D+

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Monta Ellis A+

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