Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Report Card 2007-2008 NBA Season: Chris Mullin

The're here. It's time to rate and grade the Players and Staff that made up the 2007-2008 Golden State Warriors. For the first time since my midterm report Cards it's now time to rade and grade each and everyone and see if their grades have changed or have they remained the same.

Chris mullin going retro

The 2007-2008 season was perhaps one of Mullins biggest tests in terms of continuing the success the year before as the Warriors advanced to the postseason for the first time in 12 years. Unfortunately while this year saw the greatest Western Conference playoff race since 1987 meaning the Warriors didn't make it back a couple of questionable moves never helped. I still mantain the Richardson trade was a mistake because we just didn't have the production of Richardson throughout the months of March or april. Whilst Wright got his 6 and 5 and being outplayed by Jared Dudley Richardson went off for 42 and had an explosive March. Think that sort of production throughout the season and I mantain thats a 52-55 win team.

Even with the Wright trade Mullin never seemed to make any attempts at getting a big man not counting the Chris Webber debacle. Just when it seemed the Drew Gooden, Ron Artest or Kurt Thomas rumours would never stop he goes out and gets a near 40 year old big man who didn't play since the Pistons fell to the Cavalliers in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals and was all out of sync. Two Forwards who don't produce much = not much of a chance of repeating that success. As well as the Troy Hudson mistake or the Draft errors it would be very easy to go overly critical on the guy.

On the other hand you can't really. He's put Golden State back on the NBA map by bringing back Nelson second winnengest coach of all time, He made the trade which gave Indiana Murphys contract even though Harringtons stats are disspapointly similiar. But most of all he's given the fans who suffered through clueless coaches and mediocre players something to actually cheer about. For that he deseerves a solid if not spectacular grade.

Overall Grade: C+

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