Monday, June 9, 2008

Leon Powe and Game 2 of the NBA finals

Believe it or not but as far back as January I wrote a post about Leon Powe and how we should use the 2.1 Ike diogu now expired trade exception. At the time he seemed out of favour with the Celtics and unable to get any playing time.

Fast forward to June and in game 2 seemingly with Boston's homecourt advantage on the line he then proceeds to come off the bench and score 21 with the Celtics looking every bit the deserved winners. Even though I hate all things Boston and rejoiced when the Pats choked their regular season down the drain I still feel a certain affinity for the Celtics partly because a large part of their roster has Bay Area connection Powe (Oakland Tech + Cal), Eddie House (Hayward High), and Paul Pierce (born in Oakland) means I feel a connection to them thats simply non existant in our state rivals. Or maybe it's to do with my irishness!

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Update Didn't feel like starting up a new post for what isn't major news but it looks like the Warriors attempts to after Yi provoked "great laughter" throughout the office. Not that they don’t like Yi as a player, but they weren’t manuevering that day to get Yi. It also must be noted that if the Warriors really are desperate for Yi, according to my first-hand experience with them, they would probably say they ARE NOT trying to trade for him. The reality is, you just never know what Chris Mullin’s thinking."

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