Monday, June 30, 2008

Baron Davis Opts out what now?

After the draft where Randolph an anticapted project was picked up and the trade expception was let expire when the Warriors could have picked up some depthj the offseason looked pretty boring the mian priority was resigning Monta and Biedrins. Yet it just got a little interesting with the news Baron Davis opted out of his deal. . Does it mean he's leaving. No but his means his neogiating power with Mullin just got stronger. And most likely, even if Baron leaves, we'll get some sort of compensation though I'm not sure how well Mullin will negotiate that.

To be honest I'm not entirely surprised Baron opted out although with no PG under contract in Golden State it will be chaos for a few weeks here. Basically after completing 82 games for the first time in his career making critics eat their words on his injury history this would be a good time to cash in now. He's proved he can stay healthy albeit in a contract year teams in need of a top flight PG will want his services.

I also think more or less the Front Office doing nothing to improve the team was another factor. Lets face it signing Monta and Biedrins to long term deals and drafting another big man project who will be on the bench most of his 1st season isn't doing anything to stop you being a Playoff fringe team. Baron wants to win now and you have to respect that. Baron knows he doesn't have much time especially with Nelson around for most likely, 1 more year. If I were him, I'd be upset that the Warriors did nothing at the draft to improve the team and did nothing creative with the trade exception as well so you can understand his anguish

So what does it mean. Obviously Baron could sign with the Warriors for a long term deal more then the 17.5 million he wanted but if I'm the Warriors I would take into consideration much of the explosiveness we saw during the Playoff run and last season would be well gone and his injury history. It also means there are 3 teams that could sign him Memphis, Philly and the LA Clippers. Memphis is unlikely they've just drafted OJ Mayo and have Mike Conley and a ton of other Point Guards on their roster, Philly need to lose Andre Ingodula to have a chance at signing Baron and the Clippers his most likely desitnation could sign him but only if they lose Elton Brand and Corey Maggette. LA is his most likely destination.

And lastly, by far the most interesting and controversial outcome, Baron forces a sign and trade from the Warriors to another team. Most likely, he would force a trade to a contending team. Hence all the ridiculous trade proposals by some Warrior fans the next few weeks should this happen

Elton Brand also opted out could he be a Warrior. I didn't think he'd opt out either but supposedly after seeing what the Celtics did with 3 stars, he wants to do the same. So he wants to see the Clips make the same type of dedication to winning. I'm sure Baron has that in mind as well. Brand would look good in a Warrior uni, next to Baron of course.

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