Thursday, June 12, 2008

Report Card: 2007-2008 Season Matt Barnes

Despite the high energy play Barnes displayed last season with a reckless abandon to go after the loose balls and hit the Boards since it was his only means of staying in the League combined with a sometimes deadly outide shot meant he quickly became a fan favourite as he connected with fans. Granted the guy was streakly but with an uptempo style of Ball fans couldn't wait to see what sort of impact Barnes would make in his second season especially after his facial on Nowitzki.

Turn your speakers down it's Ante Up!

But then it all fell apart for Barnes when it was tragically announced his Mom died from Cancer. No question going by his standards that it totally shook him up on and off the court. As was a chance to earn a decent 2 year contract his court perofrmances remembered more for it's Flagrant fouls and 3 point averages which ballooned down to 29%. To be honest maybe it was the fact he didn't get the contract he wanted where he got a one year extension rather then the long term deal he craved and maybe he felt the pressure to do more to get that contract. Even though he may appear one of the more uncharateristic players Banres got an NBA contract with discipline being a devoted follower of Nellieball always pushing the ball and looking for that forward pass, even when it was ill-advised.

Unforunately it broke down this year his discipline wildly dissapapeared as well as his renowned Defense and became little more then a flagrant fouler. The all-out hustle, the blue-collar, do it all resolve he showed last season, especially during the playoffs was nowhere to be found. Yet there is no doubt in my mind should he get a contract he can turn it around in Nellie's system. He's a player built for it and for next season should he remain in Oakland hopefully the Barnes of 2008-2009 can regain the drive and passion we saw in 2006-2007 season. As much as richardsons departure bothered me it is undenaible that the absence of ball movement, defense, rebounding and three point shooting was the same of greater.

Overall Grade: D-

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