Monday, June 23, 2008

Irish Warriors 2007-2008 Report Card: Mickael Pietrus

The funny thing with Mickael Pietrus coming off a career year with 11 PPG was drastically overvaluing his contract finally finding himself forced to accept the Ws’ qualifying offer. During 9/10ths of the Warriors season he did very little apart from a stretch where he actually looked as if he'd be a late factor in the Warriors push to the playoffs. Unfortunately once he got a mysterious groin injury he spent a crucial stretch during our playoff push modeling pastel sweaters from the bench. Unlike some lucky players, he failed to time the 1/10th of the season when he actually delivered so as to earn a big contract (looking at you, Austin Croshere, with that famed Finals performance). Pietrus, like a long line of athletically gifted and mentally or motivationally challenged players before him, continues to show just enough potential every so often to keep people mildly interest.

All his numbers declined across the board and he just averaged 7 PPG this year. Having said that his play picked up late in the season, negating a horrible first half of the season. He evidently relaxed when the trade deadline passed. What he gained with stellar bench play, he lost with an elongated groin injury but There’s some distant chance that MP might be back next year with the Warriors if he finds no other takers, but I can’t see him returning to play under Nelson given the ups and downs experienced this year and the quality players ahead of him in the depth chart. MP actually impressed me with his late-season stint at power forward (he grabbed more rebounds there than Al), but MP’s rotation spot with the Warriors has proven to be a dead end. He may find success somewhere else, but I’m guessing Pietrus will find the out of bounds lines on his new court just as east to step back upon as those at the Arena.

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Overall Grade: D

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