Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baron Contract scenarios

Ok so everyone by now knows Baron opted out. It's that simple. Yet contrary to popular opinion there are lots of different contract scenarios that Boom Dizzle can opt to choose. Only time will tell if he's made the right one or more importantly what one will he decide.

Long Term Deal I don't see the Warriors doing this funnily enough but the Warriors and Baron work out a 3-5 year deal and decide where's he an important piece of the Roster. Davis does this because he gets bigger paydays and can leave all the annoying contract year charades, like passing to your teammates rather than pulling up for the three. Or pretending to listen to your coach.

Sign and Trade: Could happen. The Warriors would find a taker for Baron under this approach and then execute a contract for more than that team could pay Baron. For their trouble, the Warriors would receive players / picks in return. It seems Davis would perfer this option and Given that there are likely going to be only 2 or 3 teams with more than $8 mil to spend on a big-ticket free agent, the sign-and-trade route looks likely if Baron’s days with the Warriors are done.

Wait Mullin knows patience is the virtue and he succeeded last season using this tactic with Pietrus and Barnes . As I said before the Clippers, Sixers and Grizzlies the only three teams that have a shot at signing Baron won't because of roster factors, Cap space etc. The Warriors would wait the entire offseason but unfortunately this does not always benefit the team and leaves Baron disgruntled where as we've seen before it destroys a team. Baron deciding either between a mid-level exception for another team or a slightly higher deal with the Warriors

He walks Mullin would have a lot of explaining to do should this happen. Ok the fans would know that with years of rebuilding you turn into a possible Portland Trailblazer unit but after 12 years of futility do you think the fans would accept that?. On the other hand Davis leaving with nothing in return creates a bumper load of cap space for a shot at a big free agent come the 2009-2010 season. As for next season the youngsters get all the playing time, the team wins 20-30 games and they get a high lottery pick something Mullin anticipates probably every year. In essence if you have the patience of a saint it's a good idea but if you have a fanbase that aside from one Playoff series has suffered through so much bad then it's a ridiculous idea. But it could happen

I think the sign and trade is the most likely route. In any trade you go for prospects, draft picks, and expiring contracts. By doing this the Warriors add another player to the rotation a pick in next year’s draft and enough cap fodder to preserve some of the space created by Baron’s departure for 09-10.

Just a few examples

Baron signed for $13 mil to Cleveland for Varejao, Snow (expiring deal) and a 2009 #1


Baron signed for $15 mil to Los Angeles for Odom (expiring deal), Farmar and a 2009 #1


Baron signed for $13 mil to New York for David Lee, Malik Rose (expiring deal), Nate Robinson and Renaldo Balkman

None of those trades get us anything aside from the LA one but they do clear the final chapter of the Davis era in the Bay Area. Davis’ second-half of the season swoon, the Phoenix game, and now the opt-out have left him in a position no team leader can afford to hold — that of the scapegoat. It's only a matter of time before Welcome back Davis night happens

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