Thursday, January 31, 2008

All Star Game robbery

And no it has nothing to do wih Baron. The rookie Sophmore rosters for the 2008 All Star Game were announced and unlike last year with Monta Ellis going it seems there has been injustice with kelenna Azbuike missing out.

Rookie Team roster

Player Team Position
Mike Conley- Memphis G
Kevin Durrant Seattle G
Jeff green Seattle F
Al Horford Atlanta F
Jamario moon Toronto G-F
Juan Carlos Navarro Memphis G
Luis Scola Houston F-C
Sean Williams New Jersey F-C
Yi Jinlan Milwaukee F
Head Coach TBD
Assistant Coach: TBD

Sophomore Team roster

Player Team Position
LaMarcus Aldridge Portland F-C
Andrea Bargnani Torronto F
Ronnie Brewer Utah G-F
Jordan Farmar LA lakers G
Rudy Gay Memphis G
Daniel Gibson Cleveland G
Paul Millsap Utah F
Rajon Rondo Boston G
Brandon Roy Portland G
Head Coach: TBD
Assistant Coach: TBD

Seeing Andrea Bargnani on the Sophmore roster ahead of Kelenna is a source of ammusment for me. Can't complain anyone else on the roster but needless to say the only thing Andre is half decent at is shooting 3's

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