Friday, January 18, 2008

Golden State V Chicago Preview


Hard to believe but even in the Leastern Conference there are teams that have underachieved horribly when at the start of the season they were perdicted to be contenders. The miami Heat and tonights opponents the Chicago Bulls are two of the easiest examples to list. Playoff contenders now looking at a possible loterry pick. And people say this League lacks suspense!.

Even with the Bulls miserable record a few factors worry me tonight. Indiana was suppossed to be a straightforward W yet like the Weather outside it was an ice cold 4th quarter which led to the collapse. Don Nelson in his long career has probably played and sat through a lot of bad losses but it's debatable to say was any as bad as that. Another problem is the last time the Warriors put up the W in Chicago was 2001 in a 84-78 victory. It tells a lot about the 2001 Bulls that Vonteggo Cummings almost had double figures in scoring but thats for another day!

The Bulls have the potential tonight to light it up with Ben Gordon, Nocioni and Deng always having big games against the Dubs. Joe Smith a former Warrior 1st pick bust could also be included as his midrange game is a problem but I'm more concerned about Deng. Coming off a ugly loss in Indiana there is no better way then coming back and putting up the W on ESPN. Tradionally after losing horribly the Warriors have a habit of coming back strongly in the next game. Hopefully that can continue tonight otherwhise the Jazz will accept the gift.

Wallace gets a career high of 6
Davis posts up 12 dimes
Barnes steps up in Jacksons probable absence
Warriors by 10

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