Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Golden State: 105 Minnesota:98

First time since the Chris Webber years 1993-1994 for those of you who don't know that Golden State lie 7 games above .500. Time to excited about a consecutive playoff appearance. Not yet but last nights victory proved that for the time banana skins are being readily taken care off unlike last year where the away record was dismal.


Against the worst team in the League most of the starters can be forgivven for taking a night off. In this case the bench carried the team even though Don nelson felt the need to continue the latter stages with an established lineup. I've already rambled on on how this makes the game much more heart wrenching then it should be but he sstuck with Jackson even after a shooting slump in the final minutes which was rewarded gratefully. Captain Jack hit a few shots and played big Defense in the final minutes with the Warriors now one game closer to sweeping Minnesota for the season. Horray!!

To an extent though last night Minnesota cut it down to 6 and most fans were worried a repeat of the 20 minute comeback would be achieved. This is aother worrisome tendency apart from the horrible starts in most game. Rarely this season have the Dubs ever upped their performances to a level they achieved in March April where with the toughest remaining schedule they had to fight tooth and nail to make the postseason. This year no game has been equated to what they did during the 16-5 run but at this stage of the season even though all games count this team has the maturing confidence to know they don't have to reach the same playing level.

Austin Croshere for me took away all the doubts about my skeptic nature over the signing. With last nights performance he took away all the doubts I had over his role. Whhat he does provide is being a loose ball hustler, Rebounder, decent outside shooter etc. He has pretty much fitted nicely into all these description. Because of Biedrins back the reason for his horrible statline Croshere displayed a nice all round game hitting a open shot, threw down an open dunk and his Alley opp to Davis even made the locals applaud. Props go to Matt Barnes as well who might have won over a small section of fans even with his as late uninspiring performances. Unlike what most players would do in this League and try to work their way out of a long range shooting slump he drove to the basket and got his points from there. Davis also had 5 steals along with the usual 20 points but tonight as pointed above was all about the bench.

Most of the starters did contribute. Baron I pointed out above but Harrington did a good job defensively on Jefferson while Monta played up to his own usual speed. Even though the Warriors almost repeated what they achieved on the 26th December they still put up the W. With 4 games in 5 nights on the road you can't ask for much more. Wins are being delivered at a frequent rate

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