Sunday, January 27, 2008

Golden State: 106 New york Knicks: 104

Things don't come easy in Warrior land. The first 3 quarters were shambolic but like the Pacers game they put their acts together in the 4th and stole a win from the Knicks grasp. The Knicks lit up the Warriors for 36 minutes but Golden State lit it up in the 4th and finally got to .600.

Wait we lost again


Biedrins First of all Biedrins was electric tonight on the boards. He set the single game record this year for most Rebounds with an astounding 26. He constantly fought for Boards and outuhustled Lee and Curry. The Knicks would have won this easily had it not been for Biedrins help on the boards. He didn't get a blcoked shot but everytime Robinson or Crawford drove in the lane he converged on them quickly to force a miss. Ignore his 4 fouls in 41 minutes whats admirable is last year he would have fouled out such was the rate of fouls against him but this year he's calmed it down

Rebounding: I guess this is why we're getting Chris Webber for help in the paint. Because honestly it seemed no one else apart from Biedrin was rebounding or showing any interest in getting the boards. A second big man would really have helped our cause tonight becuase none of our Frontcourt could boxout, defend or were just outmuscled.

Jackson: He symbolises what this years Warrior team is about play bad for the first 3 come alive in the 4th. He shot 3-10 in the 1st, 5 turnovers and had his shot blocked 3 times. In the space of a couple of minutes he bought the Warriors from down by four points to up by three hitting 3's out of nowhere. Just a incredibly streaky shooter

Randolph and Curry They actually played pretty well tonight. When they were on the court the Knicks were leading the warriors by 12 points yet they suffered from the worst coach in the league Isiah Thomas. He played them for the first six minutes which backfired as the Warriors . Honestly I realised he was awful but to take both these two out at the same time was horrible. The Warriors outscore the Knicks by 9 points to take a 6 point lead. On the other hand David Lee was impressive to watch 13 boards in 3 minutes while Balkman was another star for the Knicks 2 steals, 3 blocks, and some excellent D on Baron. The Knicks future doesn't look all that bad with these two on the court. They deserve a little more playing time.

Drive The Dubs didn't drive enough so fustrating to watch especially when you go 3-22 from downtown in the first three quarters. What bugged me is new York is one of the worst defensive teams in the League. All they had to do was go up strong because Randolph only has 6 blocks the entire year. Too much 3's and no aggressivness tonight almost gave the Warriors a bad loss.

As of now Even with the Western Conference as tight as it is 27-18 is good enough for 7th place something which would have been much more last season. With a favourable February schedule hopefully the Warriors can mantain their good form but they'll have to win in Houston and New Orleans first to prove they can stay along the Western elite

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