Monday, January 21, 2008

Minnestoa: 109 Golden State: 108

Take the Indiana debacle, the Nets game or even the Cleveland game. Now combine them into an entire 48 minutes and what do you have. The worst loss experienced by the 2007-2008 Warriors. It was just that bad. I can understand Jefferson getting some big buckets or Sebastian Telfair making some nice crossovers but I can't understand Davis, Jackson and Harrington being largely ineffective or the horrible FT shooting which handed Minnesota a big road win.


Too much of this

The frst quarter like many quarters was filled with horrible Defense and giving the Timberwolves so many open shots. Despite ending in a 10 poit deficit the Warriors made their way back to lead by 3 at the half. Hopefully this would spark some sort of resurgence right. Nah the 3rd was a another case of the T-Wolves leading by 8 and gaining the confidence to stay in the game, Eventally it was turned into just their second road win of the season, Nelso leeds to turn on some sort of desperation mentality because honestly how often will you get these sort of opportunites to beat bad teams. On the other hand maybe tonights loss is a wakeup call into the obvious problems that exist. Wins disguise them

Considering we want Baron as a consideration for All Star Weekend yet tonight wasn't the best showing from him maybe becuase of the Sundance film Festival, Him and Jackson shot 10-27 combined and 7-14 from the FT line. We lost by one so do the math. The defense at times was also sonfusing. Nelson making the smart idea to assign a double team to Jefferson. Unfortunately Gomes had so much open looks this was a big reason for his careeer high 35 points - 11-15 from the field (2-2 on 3's), 11-12 from the line and 11 rebounds in just over 32 minutes. Eventually the Shooters were more tightly covered meaning Jefferson was open freely against Harrington and worked his stuff. In other worse our Defense didn't have a clue who to guard.

Despite other factors like Jaric nearly dropping a triple double or the starters playing hard despite the record Monta was his usual greatness . He dropped his 28 and more importantly, hit his free throws (10-11) but hopefully we see more consistency from him as the next game against the Nets he could go for 12. Rebounds and assists two more things I would like to see his game develop in even more. Other then that he's clearly progressed from last year.

We saw a lot of POB tonight but no Kosta. When the game wasn't pressure packed whats the harm in putting them in.Give the young guys a shot while the opponents are easier and the games not pressure packed, We might just need them later in the year. I've said this countless times but as I expected the coaching staff is reluctant to change anything. Of course as expected the shot selction was extremely poor thre Guards content to take what Minnesota offered and wow 32 pointers taken against a lame team is ard to digest. Davis, Azbuike and Ellis can drive to the basket when they want. as a result of the 3 pointers teams like the Pacers or the Tiberwolves can make a game out of it. Most of the time a win is pulled out yet though tonight the combination of tired legs and finishing up on a long road trip 4 games in 5 nights meant eventually the win here was a step too far. Despite being 7 games over .500 the Dubs reamin only half a game in front of Portland. Whether or not they can sustain a 16-5 run like they did at the conclusion of the 2006-2007 season is uncertain but they need to otherwhise it could be 82 and done

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