Friday, January 11, 2008

Golden State V Memphis preview


It couldn't be better scripted. The Grizzlies recently came off a back to back night while Golden State are coing off a horrible loss in Portland. Despite this Golden State should bounce back against the 2nd worst team the League after Minnesota. That is of cuurse if they manage to contain Pau Gasol who's averaging 19 PPG and in a Memphis side severly weak he still remians the only scoring threat. Rudy Gay is solidly emerging as a go to guy 19 points and 5.5 rebounds per game not bad for a person who almost became a Warrior on draft day. Hopefully we can do something that has been a missing attribute tonight abd thats establish the tempo. In most of our games this hyear the good start has been missing. Hopefull we can fix it tonight.

Rudy gets 25
Darko has an off night
Davis gets 32 Monta 15
Warriors by 10


Marc said...

Wow, you really keep this place updated with tons of information.

Try promoting it online on like Technorati.

I'll edit your signature on The Sports Lounge (The Forum) to have the link to your forum on it.

Kyle W said...

Thanks but it's a blog not a forum