Sunday, January 27, 2008

Golden State V New York Knicks preview


A trap game. Thats all there is to it. The Warriors have proved countless times this season they can play to their level of competition see the Timberwolves or Pacers part 2. Last time the Warriors faced the Knicks it was one of their easiest wins of the season and sparkled fire Isiah chants. Yes the Knicks have been underachieving big time but even without Starburry they won 5 out of 7 and beat the Pistons by 24. They also lost to Boston by 16 not the 45 points when they first played. Perhaps it's Nate Robinson coming back and taking over Starburry spot but overall there is plenty to suggest the Knicks will be tough tonight.

A few players to look out for would be Nate Robinbson. He's had a revival since the last game and is giving solid minutes off the bench. Also watch out for Jamal Crawford the prime reasons for New Yorks resurgence. Expect Baron or Jackson to cover him. In contrast you won't see a worse frontcourt this year then Randolph or Curry. Neither of them play Defense pretty well and although they can rebound the main reason for the easy win last time was the quickness and speed of Nellieball confused them. It was certainly fun to watch.

The Warriors even if they get into a halfcourt game with the Knicks probably won't. To put it bluntly the Knicks defense isn't good enough to stop Barons penetration or Monta on a fastbreak. Lee, Randolph and Curry will kill the Warriors on the boards but if they come out straight from the blocks I can't see them losing.

Baron gets 25 and 10
Randolph and Curry outrebound the Warriors singlehandedly
Biedrins posts up 12 and 8
Warriors by 10
Warriors win by 9

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