Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden State V Indiana Preview


Has it been a year?. A year that we got rid of the Dunmurphy sisters propelled us to make a rare playoff appearance and send the Pacers fortunes plummetting. For the first time since January 17th 2007 Dunleavy and Troy Murphy make their return to the city by the bay. Host of links to look at.

Jon Barry Reaction ESPN
Woah we finally got rid of them Tim Kawakami
Chris Mullin I take it all back Fast Break
Good riddance YMCA Boyz SF Gate
WTF Pacers Yay Sports

A rare emotion outburst

Golden State hosts a Pacers side who believe it or not are seventh in the League in overall points per game at 103 but give up 104. With those numbers we should shoot the lights out simply because the Pacers allow 38.1 % shot against them. Golden State leads the NVA in 3 point shots attempted. Baring a shooting disaster the shots should go in. Despite Dunleavy's revitalization at SG going from shooting 28% with the Warriors to 42% with the Pacers I can't wait to see where he stands with Indiana come April when Jim O Brien finds out suddenly he's not the good shooter after all. Surely he can't continue the hot hand. After Dunleavy it seems the other two former Golden State members haven't made any impact. Murphy has posted 3 double doubles in 33 appearances while Diogu who we hoped would blossom into a legitmate forward has unfortunately played less under Jim O Brien because of injury .

Baring a Indy disaster the Warriors should win big tonight. Seriously with Biedrins on Murphy he should get 23 gurranteed because of the Pacers charming softness down low Jermaine O Neal the exception. The Pacers don't have any athletiscm at the 2 spot to even compete with Monta or baron who should put up All Star Numbers. Simply put like the Minnesota and Memphis series the Warriors should put up a W tonight and probably will.

Dunleavy gets ejected much like the Dallas series
Jackson goes for 20 and has a vicious putback over Dun nuthing
Harrington gets a double double
Muprhy posts up 10 and 8
Jeff Foster another former Warrrior gets mistakingly booed
Dunleavy gets rejected
Dunleavy gets dunked on
Dunleavy goes 5-14
Warriors by 16+

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