Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Houston: 111 Golden State:107

The Warriors unfortunately found out tonight that one bad quarter against a solid playoff contending team such as the Rockets and you're pretty much in trouble. Because of this the Warriors 4 game winning streak against the Rockets was ended despite Houston being without T-Mac. Throw all in these combos and Yao dominating Al and it's a bad loss.


Too much of this

Or This

To be honest the Rockets dominated every facet of this game . The last two games the warriors successfully ran the Rockets out of the building at their pace not allowing the Rockets to dictate the game at their halfcourt tempo. The Rockets are the 10 worst scoring team in the League but you wouldn't know it tonight. Sometimes Harrington uses his quick hands to front Yao. Mostly Davis makes Alston and Luther Head look like they don't belong in this League, Mostly the Warriors blow the Rockets out of the gym by going small. Tonight wasn't a normal. The 1st quarter they dug themselves into a hole they never got out of by going down 33-18

Baron and Monta: Got outplayed by Alston and Luther Head. Davis wasn't even feeling well so he deserves a break. He had the flu and got I.V for the game. On the other hand Monta never asserted himself and Houston used Alston on him to good advantage.

Yao V Harrington Always the intriuging matchup whenever these two play. However despite the recent successes it was always inevitable Yao would have a big game. Not helped by Harringtons ice cold shooting Yao put up a workmanlike 36 points 19 Rebounds. On the other hand he had 7 turnovers but what was most notible in the change to his game from the previous two meetings ws he came out with more agression sick of Golden State abusing him. On the other hand I had to laugh at his pathetic attempt at a charge with Yao Ming towering at 7-6 and 310 pounds tried to draw a charge, which was thankfully whistled for a blocking call.

The Rest: Barnes was horrible probably the most ineefective performance I've seen from him this year, CJ watson needs to justify his recent contract extension because tonight after his recent contract extension they didn't get much return from their D-League investment, Kelenna didn't play much or well at all but it's obvious that CJ Watson has overlooked Azbuike in the rotation. As for the rookies and Sophomores like Patrick O'Bryant, Kosta Perovic, Brandan Wright, and Marco Belinelli once again they were non factors. Persumably they were horrible in practice to not justify playing and even not play in the 1st when the Warriors were well behind.

How horrifying that the Warriors now play the hottest team in the League the Hornets. I'll boldly perdict the dubs pull off a shocking win in New Orleans even though the Hornets are contenders at the moment winning 9 straight. Think it's time to wrap up

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