Saturday, January 19, 2008

Golden State: 119 Chicago:111

The Warriors continued their tendancy to bounce back back from a ugly loss to a nice W ending their 6 game losing streak in Chicago as a result. There were times when the 1st half was butt ugly to watch but because of Baron tying his career high of 40 points. I've posted before about how Baron not making the All Star game wouldn't be the worst thing in the world but stepping away from that forget getting rid of DunMuprhy getting rid of speedy and Dale Davis was the best move Mullin has ever made. It would have been easy to have seen the extinct playoff drought going on if Speedy was running the point.


Struggling to accept another defeat

The first half was a painful experience with the Bulls despite their doccumented struggles on Offense hitting everything. I often couldn't believe the same Joe Smith who has a place in the long list of Warrior draft day busts managed to hit most of his shots and our defense was non existant as well as 14 straight missed Field Goals. The Warriors went down at the half by 8 very lucky when you consider the above facotrs. Coming off the unspeakable loss in Indy Nelson must have give them an Any Given Sunday speech becuase the second half we saw the old Warriors that haven't been seen in days. The Baron and Monta combination plus Captain Jacks 24 was too lethal for the Bulls as the Warriors outscored the Bulls by 16 points. Credit to Barnes for his 11 rebounds something which the fan watching accross the country wouldn't have noticed.

Jackson was just Captain Jack. His clankers throughout January have been painful but at the same time tonights effort may give him a confidence booster. Couldn't buy a basket in the first half and his Defense on Deng was laughably non existant but thankfully once he made a Layup the game came to him with some clutch outside ahooting and nice drives. His 9-9 from the FT line was the most impressive.

The bench hardly played typical from Nelsons coaching rules of when the going gets tough never go with reenforcements. He said something a few weeks ago about B-Wright playing a little more but thats never happenned. In fact Baron played 45 minutes, Monta played 44 minutes, Jackson played 44 minutes, Harrington played 32 minutes, and Biedrins 27. I assume the shootarounds been cancelled because these are going to be one tired group of players tonight against Milwaukee.

Monta gave away a lot of pounds to Deng or Nocioni but you wouldn't know that with the fearless drives to the Basket. He has a endless amount of energy grabbing 7 Rebounds and creating unheard of moves in mid air that made Chicago look defensively challenged. Everytime I see him play I can't help but feel from a playing perspective J-Rich is not missed. His 23 points and 5 assists helped swing the game in Golden States favour.

any sense of gravity?

Baron ironically said he felt like Michael jordan out there and even though he won't reach the same stature tonight felt Jordan esque. He was the best PG to watch in last years playoffs and it's a shame people in Houston feel obliged to click T-Mac's name a few thousand times a day on the All Star ballot such is the injustice of his ranking above Boom dizzle. But back to the game He shot over 50% in field goals, 6 for 8 on three pointers, 8 for 8 from the line, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals.

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