Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Golden State V Indiana preview


Tommorow marks the anniversary of the trade. It really has been a year. How ironic that the Pacers face us but the boot is on the other side as Jackson and Harrington should expect plenty of booes from a set of fans unwilling to accept they lost out in the deal. Then again after the heavy booing Dunleavy and to a lesser extent Troy Murphy were subjected to on Sunday it's only fair. After sundays game a little worrying could creep in. The Warriors had one of the worst shooting performances in the Oracle including an unusually bad one at the Charity Stripe and common sense says the Pacers won't let them get away with what happenned on Sunday night. An improvement in both would lead to a significant sense of relief that Sunday was a fluke. One would be fine however. One thing that is prevalent to this game is O Neal. Should he have a repeat of the dominance that he displayed on Sunday it will be another close game. Of all the Indiana Pacers players he scares me the most. Dunleavy doesn't sacre as much because history shows when everyone expects Dunleavy to show up after a big game he doesn't. In just over 1 hr and 7 minutes we shall see

Jackson gets booed heavily
Davis drops 12 dimes
Monta gets a cheap foul from Tinsley (whoops)
Warriors by 4

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