Thursday, January 17, 2008

Golden State: 117 Indiana:125


Eventually it had to happen. Fortunately until last night Golden State never threw any type of game although against games such as the T-Wolves or the Cavalliers they almost did. tonight was the case where after a a delighful opening 3 quarters despite the Pacers striding to try and close the game the 4th was a horrorshow. Eventually with major contributions from Kareem rush, mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy this will go down as one of the horrible losses of the season.

By the end of one of or best opening quarters of the season despite the notable loud clanks the warriors were playing Defense at a rate nobody had ever seen them play. Matt Barnes had 6 steals Baron had 8 with 6 assists and Golden State finally had their name in the record books along with the greatest playoff upset in NBA History. Nothing went wrong althogh jitters started to arise when the Pacers cut the deficict to 4 at the half. Still nothing to fear right?. Whilst it's most definite that you completely come back against the 2008 Golden State warriors few have managed it. The third quarter was antohger sign of beauty. Harrington started hitting as did Monta and I like most fans looked forward in anticipation of beating last years record on the road.

Then th 4th happenned and lets not go there. Barnes while having a decent game had a stupid flagrant on Dunleavy maybe changing the direction of the game. The Free Throws were also a slight improvement over Sundays game even though some were missed at crucial times. On the other hand the amount of 3's taken when there was a safe lead was taggering. It just opened up the game more for the Pacers. Add to the rebounding totals, Pietrus stepping out of bounds more then once and lastly being outscored 24-6 in the final quarter and the Indy collapse was complete.

Or maybe it was down to Jim O Brien. I'm surprised when all those experts describe the current top cvoaches he's not metioned more. He took the celtics to the Eastern Conference finals in 2002 with Antonine walker and took an overrated Sixers team to the playoffs no mean feat when Iverson and chris Webber aren't exactly thrilled. the fact that he has the Pacers still in contention for a playoff spot and obviously has dramtically provided a significant upgrade to Dunleavy's game means big props. either way O Brien or not this was a horrible loss. The real test is to try and regroup against the Bulls on national TV. Only then will we know what the character of this Warriors team is like

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