Friday, January 25, 2008

Golden state: 121 New Jersey: 119 Phew!

Phew we survived. Baron had a astounding triple double, Monta posted up up a career high of 39 points, Harrington hit some big 3's and Jackson even manged to avoid shooting entire bricks. Yet despite these rare achievements the Warriors only won by 2. As Warrior fans I'm covinced even with a few blowouts to speak off that no game will come easy that even with a team thats as underacheiving as the Nets it won't be decided until the Nets. The Nets based on tonight are much more talented then 18-24.

How did we lose this?

Put it simply TNT know drama. The schedule makers for the League must have great foresight because put it simply this was fun to watch for a neutral. Of course had Kidd and co put this out I wouldn't be typing that. The 1st quarter unlike many this season the Warriors came out with energy. Monta was in superb form with 12 points on 6 for 9 shooting, Boom was already stepping into his triple double with 3 boards, 4 dimes, and 7 points, Jax had 5 and Barnsie had 6. And we saw that it was good. The 2nd quarter saw Vinsanity out there. You wouldn't know Carter was at a decline in stats across the board such was his monstar performance. His 29 point effort reminded yours truly of his Raptor days where since he moved to the Nets whether it's to do with coaching etc he has yet to replicate those performances.

In the 3rd Nelson made a rare coaching mistake by deciding to employ the very strategy he invented Hack a Shaq except this time hack a Boone was the call. Boone is a 30% career Freee throw Shooter but at the same time it pointed out how much trouble the Warriors were having stopping anyone. Boone made most of his Free Throws but there was the funny sight of seeing him airballing a Free Throw a la Ben Wallace. Even so Carter and Jefferson started to get going and the Nets led by 8. Far too familar feeling particulary seeing basic Defensive principles ignored like getting back in transition.

But the 4th quarter... the 4th was the quarter of heroes. With brick after brick and turnovers at key times, the Warriors went on an amazing 22 - 0 run and in doing so, brought out their most potent weapon yet. The crowd. Yet as the game came to an end we did see a bit of sloppy Basketball The drives stopped, the threes became more hurried, and the lead shrank. The Ws righted the ship soon-after, thanks to nice driving and passing by Davis and Ellis but they can't hold on to any 10 point there givien Milwaukee the exception.

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