Saturday, January 19, 2008

Golden State v Milwaukee Preview


The Road trip against teams below 500 continue into Brew town tonight when Golden State face the Bucks. It's funny to see the direction of both these teams since they last met when Golden State blew them out of the building in a 120-90 victory. Since them Milwaukee has struggled badly to 16-23 and subjected to Bobby Simmons, Dan Gadzuric, and the rest of the Bucks' terrible contracts. Golden State as we all know are heading in the oppossite direction flirting with .600. Milwaukee is a terrible team but the Leastern Conference is so bad they have 16 wins piled up aready. I have no doubt if their geographical location was in the West they would have the same total number of wins as the T-Wolves. The only concern I have about Golden State is the fatigue issue. Nelson really must have wanted his 1,265th win as coach because of the minutes he gave. Monta, Baron and Jackson all had 44 minutes each while Hrrington and Barnes all played 32 minutes each. Plenty of tired legs out there.

Yi, Bogut and Redd all have the potential to live up to Warrior killer material but I'll make a bold perdiction and say Bogut has the best shot. Believe it or not but in the 2005 draft Scouts actually thought his passing was better then guards such as Chris Paul or Deron Williams. On the other hand he has no footspeed and if the Warriors play antoher high speed game he won't be a factor. if the Bucks play a half court game watch out.

Yi gets a double double
Monta puts up 20
Redd has a bad shooting night
Al puts up a double double
Warriors by 6

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